Our Officers

We elect elders and deacons to help shepherd our congregation, according to the provisions laid out in Scripture.

Elders are to watch over the spiritual welfare of the congregation and to do so through prayer and discipleship and by ministering to those who have particular pastoral needs, such as the sick and bereaved.

Deacons are primarily responsible for sympathy and service. They fulfill their roles by leading our ministries of compassion and by assisting in the oversight of church finances and facilities.


Active Elders 
Don Batchelor Joel Kaye Bill Overcast
Jay Cofield John Laughlin Smoky Russell
John Colcolough Brian Lewis Stephen Steiner
Dick Cowan Rob Liddon Matt Terhune
Dean Franklin Andy McArtor Alex Thompson
Fred Flinn Neal McAtee Mike Warner
John Good Pat McCarty Wade West
Mike Gore Rick Moore Scott Wilson
Alan Hammond Price Morrison Jim Witherington
Jerry Harmon Steve Nash Sheng Zhou
Rob Heard Paul Neal  
Jon Housholder Bryan Nearn  


Active Deacons
Michelle Adair Warren Grimm Lindsey Rea
John Alexander Lloyd Grissinger Lisa Ritenour
Will Anderson Seth Harkins John Roberts
Blake Bergeron Stuart Harris King Rogers
Jeff Billions Anita Hughey Brian Schneider
John Brooks Ross Hurst Sam Shaw
Rob Carson Mason Kauffman Norfleet Thompson
Gaye Carter George Klepper Tina Walker
Marshall Clark Carey Moore Ruth Warren
Frances Cowan Brandon Morrison Matt Weathersby
Rob Crump Justin Payne Katie West
Tony Dentman Debbie Perkins Drew Willson
Chuck Ellingsworth Mac Plosser Drew Yonchak
Dan Fore Thomas Quinlen
Duncan Galbreath Jason Rauls