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Pastoral Staff

headshot-swillsonSandy Willson
Senior Pastor

Todd Erickson HeadshotTodd Erickson
Assistant Pastor
Pastoral Executive

headshot-mstokkeMike Stokke
Assistant Pastor
Pastor to Middle Adults

Headshot-DickCainDick Cain
Assistant Pastor
Pastoral Team Leader

Mitchell Moore HeadshotMitchell Moore
Assistant Pastor
Pastor to Young Adults

 bartonBarton Kimbro
Assistant Pastor
Pastor to Young Adults

headshot-gpeakGerry Peak
Assistant Pastor
Pastor to Senior Adults

Dan HeadshotDan
Assistant Pastor
Director of World Missions

Associate Pastor
World Missions


Pastoral Staff
Sandy Willson Senior Pastor 901.531.6188
Mike Stokke Pastor to Middle Adults 901.531.6181
Mitchell Moore Pastor to Young Adults 901.507.7884
Todd Erickson Pastoral Executive 901-531-8895
Dick Cain Pastoral Team Leader 901.507.7883
Barton Kimbro Pastor to Young Adults 901.507.7884
Gerry Peak Pastor to Senior Adults 901.531.6175
Marcia Smith Senior Pastor Assistant 901.531.6188
Lisa Grace Middle Adults Assistant 901.531.6181
Rachel Gasser  Young Adults Assistant 901.507.7884
Susan Warner Pastoral Coordinator 901.507.7893
Women in Ministry
Yvonne Hardin Women in Ministry
Interim Director
Dawn Curtis Women in Ministry Assistant 901.531.6159


Gabe Satom Director of Music 901.531.6168
Mary Quinlan Music Assistant 901.531.6189
Terri Theil Children’s Music/Conservatory Director 901.507.7895
Samuel Metzger Music Associate/Organist 901.454.0034 ext. 108


Kids at Second
Dylan Franklin Director of Children’s Ministry 901.531.6164
Kirsten Kirkpatrick Birth to Sr. K.
Area Coordinator
M.J. Keasling Elementary Coordinator 901.531.6178
Mandy Morse Children's Ministry Assistant 901.531.6187
Sha Deme PDO Director 901.507.7891


Ron Hickman Ministry Executive 901.507.4486
Dee Walker Ministry Executive Assistant 901.531.6161
Arlene Roberts Receptionist 901.454.0034
Donny Plunk Chief Engineer 901.531.6163
Luanne Hearn Human Resources Director 901.531.6184
Sue Sarkkinen Facilities Coordinator 901.507.7892
Vicki Simmons Foundation Director 901.507.7898
Maureen McGuirt Library Manager 901.507.7830
Courtney Christiansen Library 901.531.6155
King Hussey Bookstore Manager 901.507.7899


Student Ministries
Andrew Keasling Youth Director 901.507.4488
Louanne Mooney Youth Director Assistant 901.531.6183
Jessica Golden Youth Ministry Assistant 901.531.6174
Lee Taylor Junior High Director 901.531.6180
Mallory Hawkins Middle Grades Girls Director 901.531.6186
Brian Lewis Director of Campus Outreach 901.320.7036
Michelle Robinson Quest & Early Grades Girls Director 901.587.7832
Adrianne Cranford Upper Grades Girls Director 901.507.4487


Communications & Technology
Robb Roaten Director of Communications 901.531.8899
Jacqueline Jones Production Coordinator
& Communications Assistant
Christy Paganoni Liturgy Coordinator 901.531.8898
Matt Washburn Art Director 901.531.8897
Timothy McCollum Graphic Designer 901.531.8896
Danielle Smith Staff Writer 901.531.6158
James Westermann Audio Visual 901.531.6173


Caring Ministry
Gail Turner Caring Ministry Director 901.531.6169
Kathy Oswalt Caring Ministry Assistant


Food Services
Shanon Arnold Executive Chef 901.587.7829
Mattie Sherley Cook/Kitchen 901.507.7829


Eddie Foster Director of Domestic Missions 901.531.6165
Natasha Hughes Domestic Missions Assistant 901.587.7882
Lisa Ritenour World Missions Assistant 901.531.6182
Dan Mission Team Leader


Robert O'Kelley Recreation Director 901.507.7885
Corbin Momon Men’s Division Coordinator 901.531.6153
Dale Brady Fitness Coordinator 901.531.6156
Valerye Sweatt Recreation Assistant 901.507.7897


Harold Ware Chief Financial Officer 901.531.6170
Debi Erickson Accounting Director 901.531.6160
Connie Shaw Accounting Manager 901.531.6152
Tammy Spicer Accounting Assistant 901.507.7894
Kathy Watts Accounts Payable 901.531.6176