Congregational Communities

Congregational Communities, also known as Sunday School classes, are like little families within the big family of Second.

We encourage every member to get involved in the CC of their choice, and there is a wide variety of classes to appeal to various age groups and stages of life. It's the best place to get to know others and to get involved in our ministries at Second. 

CCs meet from 9:45 - 10:40am in various rooms across the entire campus. All our CCs offer Bible study and fellowship in a small group setting.

There are more than 20 adult classes offered for a variety of age groups and stages of life. Youth and Children’s classes for all ages are taught with caring, spiritual instruction, and a Special Education class is offered.

Young Adults


Teacher: Brian Lewis

Pastoral Liaison: Brian Lewis

Room: E-2121

Undergraduate and college-age young adults. Encouragement on the path to knowing God more deeply and applying the Gospel to all of life.


Teacher: Barton Kimbro

Pastoral Liaison: Barton Kimbro

Room: Commons (E-1114)

Single young professionals and graduate students, early to mid-20s. Making visible God’s invisible Kingdom, exploring Christ’s mission, and allowing this mission to shape how we live out our faith. 


TeacherMichael Davis

Pastoral Liason: Michael Davis

Room: E-201

A community of young adults in their mid-to-late-20s and early-30s seeking to glorify Christ through gospel-centered community including small groups, teaching, fellowship, service, and missional engagement.


Teacher: Matt Terhune

Pastoral Liaison: Dan Burns

Room: E-111

Married and single adults, late-20s to mid-30s. Committed to living out the Gospel authentically through sound teaching, rich fellowship, honest prayer, and Christ’s mission in Memphis and abroad.

Couples, 20s-40s


Teacher: Dick Cain

Pastoral Liaison: Dick Cain

Room: C-105

For newly married and engaged couples, early to mid-20s, this class hopes to be an "on-ramp" for these couples as they enter a new season of transition and to come alongside them as they undertake life together.


Teacher: Todd Erickson

Pastoral Liaison: Todd Erickson

Room: C-102

Recently married couples, mid-20s to early-30s, just beginning their families. Exploring what a godly couple should look like, and how we can advance the Gospel as couples through careful study of God’s Word and prayer, and by developing accountable community. 


Teacher: J. Hickman

Pastoral Liaison: Todd Erickson

Room: B-102

Couples married 3+ years, many with young children. Help and encouragement, hope and strength as couples looking to God as our Refuge, and finding fellowship and refuge together in Christ.

2:42 Class

Teacher: Rotating schedule

Pastoral Liaison: Dick Cain

Room: Salmon Room

20s-30s couples, married 5+ years. Active community focused on growing deeply in God’s Word, close fellowship, and serving others in the city. 


Teacher: Albert Throckmorton

Pastor: Dick Cain

Room: E-105

30s-40s couples. Deep relationships and ministry service, with instruction/discussion/application for marriage, parenting, and Christ-centered living. 

Middle Adults, 50+


Teacher: Rotating schedule

Pastoral Liaison: Mike Stokke

Room: C-101

Active couples and singles in the second half of life. Pursuing God’s leading through Bible study, fellowship, and service. 

Fellowship Class

Teacher: Rotating schedule

Pastoral Liaison: Mike Stokke

Room: B-100

Couples and singles in the second half of life. Centered around intimate fellowship, surrounded by the power of prayer, strengthened by God’s Word.

Growing in Grace

Teacher: Don Riley & Mike Taylor

Pastoral Liaison: Mike Stokke

Room: C-100

Couples and singles, 40s-50s. Desiring to embody God’s grace, offering expository teaching, commitment to fellowship and service.  

Blended Age/Stage

Community for Christ

Teacher: Rotating schedule

Pastoral Liaison: Mike Stokke

Room: E-105

Welcomes all, primarily 30s-50s couples. Focused on practical application of Scripture and living the commandment to love in deed/truth. 

Covenant Women’s Bible Study Class

Teacher: Rotating schedule

Pastoral Liaison: Gerry Peak

Room: C-109

For all women who desire to walk in covenant faithfulness with God and one another as sisters in Christ. Sunday mornings include praying for one another, encouraging one another, and studying God’s Word together. Our hearts’ desire is to know Him and His great lovingkindness more deeply so we are equipped to serve and love others. 

Honeymooners for Life

Teacher: Ron Sadlow

Pastoral Liaison: Ron Sadlow

Room: C-106

This class emphasizes the importance of studying God’s Word daily and offers a discussion format that encourages self-examination and a strong sense of fellowship and community. Participants find the class encourages their faith and their marriages. The class is mostly comprised of, but not limited to, couples in their 30s and 40s. 


Teacher: Mike Rhodes

Pastoral Liaison: Dan Burns

Room: C-104

This multi-national class welcomes new friends to join in common fellowship and the study and discussion of the Bible by both Christians and non-Christians.

Singles at Second

Teacher: Paul Neal

Pastoral Liaison: Gerry Peak

Room: C-103

Single adults, 50+. Growing in relationship with God, community with each other, and serving others. 


Teacher: David Bowen

Pastoral Liaison: David Bowen

Room: Fellowship Hall

Singles and couples, diverse with wide age range. Large group, “sojourning” through life together, seeking connected relationships.

Senior Adults

Jeb Russell Class

Teacher: Rotating schedule

Pastoral Liaison: Gerry Peak

Room: C-310

Large class, ages 65-80. Clear teaching on various topics by different teachers, with strong fellowship.

Chapel Class

Teacher: Gerry Peak

Pastoral Liaison: Gerry Peak

Room: Chapel

Large class, 70s-90s. Bible teaching and fellowship with humor. 

Curry-Gillespie/Adult Bible Study

Teacher: Sam Shaw

Pastoral Liaison: Gerry Peak

Room: B-101

Smaller class, ages 75-85. Lecture, discussion, and personal care for one another. 


Jr. High

The Jr. High class is for students who are currently in the 7th and 8th grades. (E-2114)

Sr. High

The Sr. High class is for students in the 9th through 12th grades. (E-2111)


  • Preschoolers D-107/108
  • Jr. Kindergarten D-101/102
  • Kindergarten D-111/D-112
  • First Grade D-110
  • Second Grade D-208
  • Third Grade D-209
  • Fourth Grade D-203
  • Fifth Grade D-205
  • Sixth Grade D-210/D-216
  • Special Ed Class N-101
  • September - May, 8:15 & 11:00am services, 3-5 year olds, D100


Nursery care is provided for newborns through 3-year-olds at 8:15am, 9:30am, and 11:00am