Sunday Night

On Sunday nights at 6:00pm we gather to end the Lord's Day in worship. Sunday evening services consist of singing, expository teaching, communion, and prayer.

Music on Sunday Night draws from a broad reportoire, with well-loved hymns as well as modern hymns and spiritual songs. Our goal is to introduce the best of modern hymnody, the sacrament of the table, and informal family service. 

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Current Series: Money, Sex, Power: Temptations

Sensitive Topic Resources for Parents

Talking with our children about their changing bodies and especially sex can feel like a daunting task. We ask other parents if they have "had the talk" with their child or what is the "perfect age" for this important topic. One of the reasons that this can be scary is because of what we bring to the table and what has formed our view on the subject. How did our parents treat the topic? What jokes have we heard about sex or our bodies over the years? Did we feel free to discuss sex in an open, loving way? These factors can play a part in our feelings, but remember God's view is always best and perfect!  

Many parents believe in a comprehensive/over the years approach. Others like the one big talk with open discussion after approach, while others might break the conversation into smaller, more manageable talks as their children's bodies change. There is no "right" or "wrong" way. Pray for the Lord to open doors and bless any conversations that you and your child might have, from topics like changing bodies to the intimacy of sex.

Below are some resources that our children's ministry has compiled for parents to help in addressing this topic: 

  • Passport to Purity, by Dennis and Barbara Rainey: for adolescent girls and boys.  Parents listen to parts alone and together with child. (available in The Bookmark)
  • God's Design for Sex, by Stan & Brenna Jones: all ages. This series starts when a child is young, exploring how are bodies are different. This series includes read along books and parent guides for older children. (available in The Bookmark)
  • How You Got to Be You, by Jane Graver: this book could be read by an older child but is preferable for parent and child to go through together.