Amy and Jonathan


Guille and Debbie McKenzie



On home leave in U.S


Jonathan and Amy Prudhomme have been part of a church planting team in Casalecchio, a suburb of Bologna, Italy. In a country that has “a form of religion without true faith,” the Prudhommes and their team are building relationships to share the hope found in the gospel of Christ. The team is encouraged by the growth in church attendance and by the many good questions that some of their seeking friends are asking. Amidst this encouragement, Amy and Jonathan’s lives have taken an unexpected turn. Shortly after the birth of little Benjamin in August, Amy became gravely ill and had to return to Memphis for treatment. At the time of this writing, they are living in Second’s mission house while Amy slowly recovers. The Lord has redeemed this time of questioning and suffering as they have seen His sufficiency. Jonathan has been able to take seminary courses at an accelerated pace. Amy and Jonathan have been near family, friends and compassionate and competent medical personnel who have ministered to them during this time. They are grateful for God’s tender care and look forward to their return to Italy in the near future.

Prayer Requests

    • Pray that the Lord will give full healing to Amy so that they can return to the field.
    • Pray for the Lord to use this present suffering for future ministry opportunities.