In Case You Missed the Foundation Dinner...

May 21, 2010

The Foundation held its twelfth annual dinner on April 23 with the theme of The Excellence of Generosity, where members of the congregation enjoyed a time of fellowship and heard inspirational messages not only from the featured speaker, Gordon MacDonald, but also from their fellow members.

Foundation Chairman Smoky Russell convened the meeting by reviewing the mission of the Foundation and recognizing the efforts of Herbert Rhea, who died in January and cofounded the organization in 1998. A financial report from Steve Rhea was given and a synopsis of that information may be found at Marion Quinlen gave an overview of the grants awarded in the areas of development of Christian leaders, home missions and world missions. A video of a segment of the work being done at Advance Memphis and narrated by Steve Nash was shown as an example of the investment the Foundation is making in Memphis. Raju Abraham gave a first-hand report of the work that is being done in Kachhwa, India.

Nancy Coe painted a picture of “contagiously infected joy-seekers” who see “what wonderful things God can do” in her stewardship message. She also gave a synopsis of a new brochure on memorials. A visual presentation was given on previously established memorials with photographs, names and ministry focus of each. Together they demonstrated the breadth of ministry that is being done as a result of memorials.

Antoinette and John Good are examples of the most recent established memorial, The Meredith Ashley Fox Memorial Scholarship Fund. They described their involvement with The Neighborhood School and their desire to honor Meredith, Roy and Terri and the Fox family with a gift that will give “a good Christian education at ECS, a loving, nurturing environment and possibly help overcome the cycle of poverty that the children in The Neighborhood School are plagued by.” They also structured the gift so that it provides a way for others to participate in this ministry for maximum impact. As Nancy said, “The Goods have demonstrated how their passion and compassion and generosity converged to make an eternal difference in the lives of young people, most of which are yet to be born.”

Gordon MacDonald ended the evening with a message about generosity. He highlighted a variety of examples of Biblical generosity and spoke of an act of a generous couple that impacted his life profoundly. He ended with II Corinthians 8:7, which compels us to excel even in this area of the Christian walk ... the grace of giving. Excerpts from the dinner, including an audio version can be found at the website. A copy of Gordon’s latest four week devotional book Generosity: Moving Toward Life That is Truly Life can be obtained by contacting the Foundation office at 454-0034.