Clarke & Khrystya Norton


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Mission to the World


Clarke and Khrystya lead the “tween” and teen ministries of the L’viv Reformed Church “Holy Trinity”, the MTW church plant in L’viv, Ukraine. Clarke has served in various capacities on this team since 2009, primarily in university ministry. Khrystya is Ukranian and from L’viv and came to faith in 2012 through the university ministry (part of RUF International). Clarke and Khrystya served together in an orphanage ministry before they were married in 2015. Their work involves developing the church’s new youth ministry, special projects, discipleship, leading Sunday school classes, and meeting with kids and parents. Clarke and Khrystya have one child, Emma, who was born in December of 2017. 

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for wisdom and energy to develop and increase their church’s new youth ministry.


  • Pray for their work on the broader team, that they will be able to multiply leaders through faithful discipleship who will expand God’s kingdom in Western Ukraine.


  • Pray for Clarke and Khrystya, that they might grow as parents and have wisdom to balance family and ministry demands in a missional way.