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Nursery Check-In

Second uses a touch-screen electronic check-in system to ensure the safety of your little ones during drop-off and pickup from the nursery.

We care about your concerns! If you have any questions about nursery policies and procedures, please contact Kirsten Kirkpatrick at (901) 531-6178 or email .

Step One

First, search for your child using all seven digits of your phone number.       


Step Two

Next, find the child(ren) on the screen that you are checking in.



Step Three

Next, pick the time slot(s) that you are checking your child into the nursery for.

Step Four

The system will print out a set of stickers for you.

When the printer stops, tear off the two labels:

  • Affix the Name Tag, to the back of your child.
  • Keep the Claim Check portion with you and present to the classroom in order to pick up your child.
    Note: The claim check can be split between spouses or caregivers. 

You’re Done!