Foundations & Refuge

Sunday, 9:45am - 10:40am

Late 20s to late 30s, single and married. Average class size is 50. Class is taught by Todd Erickson and John Laughlin mainly through lecture and some class discussion. Participation in small groups with mentors is encouraged. Orange Mound Outreach Ministries is the primary focus for class service. Fellowship activities include monthly “drop-ins” and other events throughout the year.

Ages 32-40, married. Average class size is 25-30. Class is taught by J. Hickman and Brandon Terry through lecture and some class discussion. Mentor couples participate regularly in class activities. The class enjoys regular potluck fellowship breakfasts during the CC hour approximately six times a year.

Class service projects include Berclair Elementary and Memphis Gridiron Ministry. The class enjoys informal lunches after church, a Chili Cook-off, Crawfish Boil, and potluck dinners.

Class Teacher/Contact

Todd Erickson

Pastor of Spiritual Formation
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