Women in Ministry

Women in Ministry exists not as a program, but as a community of leaders to plan, pray, and encourage the women of Second to be worshipers of God, disciples of Jesus Christ, evangelists of the Gospel, servants led and gifted by the Holy Spirit, and builders of the family of faith and the city of God through love.

It is our desire to see every woman mature in her faith in God and His Word so that she is:

  • Confident in her faith
  • Intentional in her life
  • Holistic in her thinking
  • Genuine in her relationships
  • Living with integrity in community

This philosophy by nature will include training and development, but those are the means and not the ends. In our own programs, we will focus on older women teaching younger women and mutually supportive intergenerational relationships. However, we recognize that the ministry of women is wider than to other women. Jesus valued women, bringing attention to their ministry in His life and the life of the church. Our church session has recognized the necessity of developing women as leaders, teachers, and servants, deploying them in the active life of the church, community, nation, and world.

In a paper adopted by the Session in 2001, the biblical ideal was stated as:

That God created men and women as equal partners, who together bear the image of God. Although there are numerous examples of outstanding female leaders in the Old Testament, at the coming of Christ, the woman was especially elevated in her role in society and in the church particularly by the teachings and the inclusive ministries of Christ and the Apostle Paul. We know that we have not yet fully realized this biblical ideal, but we believe that women should be trained and encouraged to assume leadership, teaching, and serving roles for which they are gifted by God and called by the church in accordance with Scriptural teachings.

We embrace the goals of the church in encouraging women members to:

  • Worship regularly both privately and corporately
  • Cultivate a heart of giving through tithing and special offerings
  • Be active in the life of a Congregational Community
  • Know how to express the hope of the Gospel in a conversational context and live accordingly
  • Develop a missional life using the gifts given by God

Our goal is that women engage in the programs of Women In Ministry and the church at large in order to prepare them for a life engaged in “being like Christ” in the world. Our hope is that women would have a Christian mindset that would equip them to respond to life and relationships with truth and love.

Our programs are open to all. We welcome those who are not members of this church or of any church. We would love to talk to you if you are seeking to understand the Bible or a biblical worldview. Call the Women in Ministry office
at (901) 531-6159.