Women in Ministry

Women's Retreat : March 27-29, 2020

God's Word at Work in Our Waiting: 1 Thessalonians


Church Equipping Forum: January 23, 2020

“On Civics and Civility”

Our Winter forum will aim to equip us in understanding and embracing a biblical vision for civic engagement among followers of Christ  and citizens of heaven. We’ll consider questions such as: How does our identity in Christ and our belonging to his church shape the way we pray, the way we vote and advocate, the way we think and talk about politicians and political issues, the way we interact about politics online, the way we engage people who hold different positions than we? What peculiar temptations do we Christians face during election seasons, and what might it look like to “stand the test” throughout 2020 and beyond? What will it look like for our church to pursue gospel-centered unity in these matters amidst our various diversities of thought, political leaning, background and experience, and stage of life? What are some good resources for ongoing reflection and engagement on these matters?



Women of the Church (Monthly Circles)

The Women of the Church Circles meet monthly for Bible study, fellowship, prayer, and service.

These circle meetings run September-May

The 2019-2020 study will be, Loving the Way Jesus Loves by Phil Ryken, which is a Christ-centered study of 1 Corinthians 13.

Dates/times vary by circle; usually the first or second Tuesday of each month.


Women in Ministry programs are open to all. We welcome those who are not members of this church or of any church. if you have any questions about call the Women in Ministry office at (901) 531-6159.