Come and See

Those who follow Christ are called disciples. A disciple is not just a believer in Jesus Christ, but a lifelong learner and pursuer of Him and His purposes. The fast pace of our society affords little margin to think about, meditate on and understand the truths of Scripture. Therefore, we must be intentional about spending time in God’s Word. The one-on- one discipleship model creates an environment in which a young believer is taught to study the Word of God while in relationship with a woman who is more mature in her faith. With this model we hope to foster a greater degree of biblical literacy and a deeper understanding of how to practically apply those truths to an individual life.

Walk with Me

Walk with Me is a one-on-one mentoring program through Women In Ministry designed to offer confidential prayer support, Christian fellowship, encouragement, spiritual guidance and teaching. It is women helping women through various major issues of life; a friend to support someone spiritually, relationally and emotionally.  Using a confidential questionnaire and evaluation process, women are paired with an experienced mentor.  Though not a substitute for professional counseling or conflict resolution, mentors seek to provide support to women during times of deep need. For more information, contact the Women In Ministry office.