Further Equipping & Fellowship Opportunities

Word-Filled Women Workshop: September 6th-7th

The Word-Filled Women Workshop is an interactive training experience that takes women deep into God’s Word. Each workshop explores one of the Bible’s literary genres (i.e., “kinds”) or themes. Our Fall 2019 workshop will examine Old Testament narrative, focusing on the book of Ruth.

What’s the goal? These workshops are designed to help us make progress in hearing, doing, and retelling God’s Word in our various callings and contexts. We gather around God’s Word, eager for God’s Word to do its work in our hearts, that we might know Christ more deeply and make Christ known more faithfully in our generation.

Who’s the intended audience? All women from teenage years onward are welcome to register. This workshop isn’t just for those who want to teach the Bible in formal settings; it’s for any woman who wants to make progress in how she studies, applies, and communicates Scripture in any setting and relational context. Come join us! (The registration deadline is August 28. Please only register if you can participate in the whole workshop. Several hours of prep work are required, to complete prior to the workshop. The WIM office will email preparatory materials to all registrants by the end of June.)

May God enlarge our hearts so that we’ll run in the way of his commandments, all for his glory and the advancement of his kingdom!

Dates: Friday, September 6 | 6:30–8:00 PM (Dinner served at 5:30)               Saturday, September 7 | 9:00 AM–3:30 PM (Lunch served)
Cost: $30 
Childcare: Not available
Room:Fellowship Hall
Prep-packet: Included in your registration confirmation email.



 *Registration closes Friday, August 30th

Women’s Equipping Forum

Our women’s equipping forum engages a current issue, searches God’s Word relating to that issue, and considers how God’s Word ought to transform our thinking, speaking, and acting regarding that issue. We want to grow as Word-filled women who are wise and winsome witnesses of the Lord Jesus, and also as local-church family members who listen well to one another and encourage one another, not least when we might differ with one another in how we apply Scripture’s principles relating to a specific issue.

For each equipping forum, we select relevant content to prepare us to engage with one another in discussion of the topic. Any woman is welcome to register and attend the forum, but only those who complete the designated content in advance may participate in the discussion.

"On Lament" | October 17th              

Our Fall forum will aim to equip us in understanding and embracing the biblical category of lament, maturing as women who grieve with those who grieve, and helping those we disciple do the same. We’ll consider questions such as: What’s the difference between “grieving without hope” and “grieving with hope”? What’s so powerful about faithful lament in the life of a Christian and of a Christian community, and how might we make progress in cultivating space for this in our church, in our family, in our discipleship and evangelistic relationships? Why is it difficult to lament and to receive others’ lament, and what tools can help us follow Jesus’s example in this area?


Women’s Luncheon and Dinner: October 22nd 

Lunch 11:30am – 1:00pm in Fellowship Hall
Dinner 6:30 – 8:00pm in C310

We’ll have the joy of hearing Irene Sun (Bible teacher and author of children’s book God Counts: Numbers in His Word and His World), who will share a story from her own life. She’ll model for us how we can grow in viewing our smaller life-stories in the context of God’s big story of redemption in Christ, and then how we can share personal stories in a way that commends God’s character. Following Irene’s testimony, she’ll be joined by our own Margaret Thompson, and together they’ll reflect on how we each might hone the practical skill of God-centered storytelling in our discipling and evangelistic relationships.

Girl's Night Out: November 21st

A Merry Little Christmas Event: December 5th

Church Equipping Forum

 “On Civics and Civility” | January 23, 2020 

Our Winter forum will aim to equip us in understanding and embracing a biblical vision for civic engagement among followers of Christ  and citizens of heaven. We’ll consider questions such as: How does our identity in Christ and our belonging to his church shape the way we pray, the way we vote and advocate, the way we think and talk about politicians and political issues, the way we interact about politics online, the way we engage people who hold different positions than we? What peculiar temptations do we Christians face during election seasons, and what might it look like to “stand the test” throughout 2020 and beyond? What will it look like for our church to pursue gospel-centered unity in these matters amidst our various diversities of thought, political leaning, background and experience, and stage of life? What are some good resources for ongoing reflection and engagement on these matters?


Women of the Church (Monthly Circles)

The 2019-2020 study will be, Loving the Way Jesus Loves by Phil Ryken, which is a Christ-centered study of 1 Corinthians 13.

Dates/times vary by circle; usually the first or second Tuesday of each month. You can email the WIM office for more details.