Lizzie & Steve Donley

Josiah Venture



After a year of preparation, Steve and Lizzie arrived in Cluj, Romania in December 2018. They are excited to begin their new call working with youth and college students as a part of a Josiah Venture team committed to evangelism through the local church. Their first order of business upon arrival was to settle into their apartment and buy necessities like a bed, couch, and table. They have begun spending time with their teammates Darius and Bia, along with their baby Luca, and are enjoying their company. The Donleys feel so blessed to have teammates to receive them and help them adjust to and learn how to navigate a new city.  They look forward to beginning their ministry with students in Cluj, which is a major university town, second only to the capital Bucharest. 

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for endurance, health, and focus as the Donleys adjust to life in Cluj. 
  • Please pray for a fruitful first year of relationship building with students in Cluj and that the Lord would open the students’ ears and eyes to the gospel.  
  • Praise for the Donleys teammates and pray that they would encourage and support one another's families in their efforts to reach the lost in this university city.