Marcelo Robles

Marcelo Robles

Global Outreach



Marcelo is currently the moderator of the Argentine Presbyterian Church and is church planter and pastor of La Misión, which has five congregations in Buenos Aires. La Misión’s ministries focus on training church planters and campus pastors, caring for children, serving the poor, and establishing university students in the faith. They have a vision for 10 congregations by 2025 and 15 by 2030. Marcelo is the founder and director of the Argentine Evangelical University Network, which is connected to the 21st Century University, the largest private non-denominational university in Argentina. The Network helps establish and operate university centers in churches and evangelical schools throughout the country, allowing for the development of courses on evangelism, Christian worldview, and apologetics. Currently 15,000 students are enrolled throughout Argentina. In August 2018, La Misión hosted a Faith and Work Congress, with 300 university students and young professionals attending. La Misión is also ministering to Venezuelan refugees, hosting six families while they look for work and address their legal situations. 

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the church planting center.
  • Pray for the discipleship program that is starting in all three church planting sites.
  • Pray for the childcare program in the shantytowns. Pray that God would use this to have a broader impact in the city.
  • Pray for the leadership training programs, which train leaders for small groups and leaders of leaders.
  • Pray for La Mision's 20/20 vision of five congregations in five different locations in the city.

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