Amen Bible Study

AMEN is a rich time of Bible study and fellowship that equips men to be the husbands, fathers, and business or community leaders they are meant to be.

We invite all men to join us for a special one-semester series beginning January 6, 2022 titled “Men After God’s Own Heart: Scripture’s Vision for True Manhood.”

Whether you are 21 or 91, this is an important time in our history to go together to God’s Word and study His design for and call on our lives. And while the structure of the series will be topical from week to week, our study each week will remain exegetical as we rely on God’s Word to teach us.

Two Ways to participate:

  1. Attend in-person on Thursday mornings, beginning January 6 in the Fellowship Hall. Registration is required for this option, and the registration fee ($95 per semester) includes breakfast and a binder with weekly printed study notes. Breakfast is served at 6:00am, and teaching begins at 6:30.

    Register to Attend AMEN

  2. Access the resources online at any time. The weekly in-person teaching will be recorded and posted (with a pdf download of the study notes) to our church website on Friday mornings. There is no charge to access these resources.

Small Groups

We encourage every man to participate in a small group. Small groups allow you to meet with other men to discuss the teaching, to encourage each other, and to pray for one another.

Small groups can meet at any time and in any place. Some groups might discuss the teaching they heard in-person on Thursday; some groups might watch/listen to the teaching together at a different time.

If you’d like help finding a group, email Suzanne Saunders.


No one will be turned away from attending in-person teaching on Thursdays due to finances. If you need a partial or full scholarship, email Suzanne Saunders to discuss your need confidentially. 


For questions about AMEN, contact Suzanne Saunders via email at   or call (901) 454-0034.