Fellows Committee

The Fellows are grateful for the many 2PC members who give their time and talents to serve as Fellows committee members, teachers, support staff, host families and mentors.  These individuals serve as role models for the Fellows and demonstrate servant leadership in the name of Jesus Christ.

Committee Members

Deborah Coleman Program Coordinator
Kem Wilson Chairman
John Hodges Scholar in Residence
Barton Kimbro Pastoral Liaison/Bible Study Instructor
David Bowen Pastor/Bible Study Instructor
Larry Higginbotham Admissions Chairman
Vicki Simmons Seminar Chairman
Sallie Sutton Career Assessment
Jonny Ballinger Work Placement Chairman
Mike Warner Mentor Chairman
Lauren Gant Host Family Chairman
Grace Simmons Alumni Coordinator
Marcia Smith Hospitality Chairman
Lindsey Rea Service Coordinator
Camille Holmes Tuition Coordinator
Mary Edwards Committee Member
Chris Devine Committee Member
Danny Donovan Committee Member
Audrey Hurst Committee Member
Ginna Rauls Committee Member
Norma Wilson Committee Member
Alison Young Committee Member
Taylor Strickland Committee Member
Drew Hursey Committee Member
Amy Williams Committee Member
Davis Sweatt Committee Member
Mary Wilkes Yonchak Committee Member
Drew Yonchak Committee Member
Matthew Gant Committee Member
Rachel Gasser 2PC Staff Support


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