Fellows Program

The Memphis Fellows Program is currently accepting applications for the 2017-2018 year!

The Fellows program is a nine-month Christian leadership development training program and internship for recent college graduates.

Each year a Fellows class consists of four to 13 outstanding graduates who are proven leaders, motivated students, and dedicated Christians who desire to grow spiritually, increase their knowledge of Scripture, gain career experience, serve others for Christ, and be part of a strong Christian fellowship.

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>Meet our 2016-2017 Class of Fellows!

Components of the Fellows Program

  • Seminary Level Core Classes are taught by Scholar-in Residence John Hodges and Assistant Pastor David Bowen. Hodges' class, held on Friday mornings, focuses on the intersection of Christian faith and God's call for His people to work, as work is a significant part of the Creation Mandate, and as such, work is central to cultural engagement. The class draws texts from authors such as G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, Richard Weaver, and Roger Scruton, that clarify God's plan for work, and engage with the cultural life of the Church and the world. Friday afternoon's class, led by Bowen, provides an overview of the Bible, including discussions of its historical context, accurate methods of interpretation, and personal applications. Scripture is THE core text, and the course provides both a plan for reading the whole Bible during the Fellows year and a framework for learning, retaining, and using it for life and ministry.

  • Paid Internships, are arranged by the work placement committee and take place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Internships provide a practical space for Fellows to work out the concepts they learn in class about the intersection of faith and work and the idea that work is a gift from the Lord. Ideally we provide each Fellow a position in his/her field of interest, although this is not always possible. (Note: each Fellow will need his or her own car for use during the Fellows program)

  • Friday Morning Seminars are presented by Christian community leaders who share their personal testimonies and workplace experiences. Seminars take place before classes on Friday.

  • Dinner and Roundtable Discussions are hosted by various church members every Monday night. This is not only a time for fellowship together, but an opportunity for Fellows to interact with different leaders within the church, as they engage students in discussions on relevant topics, such as evangelism and financial stewardship.

  • Career Assessment and Counseling, led by the Christian Psychological Center, help the Fellows clarify their goals and plans for the future.

  • A Mentor from 2PC spends time with each Fellow consistently throughout the program.

  • A Volunteer Ministry within 2PC, or one of the many ministries or organizations supported by 2PC, gives each Fellow an opportunity to serve others weekly.

  • Retreats include one in the fall, when all the Fellows programs meet in Virginia to study the topic of biblical justice. The programs meet together again in the spring in Washington DC to study and discuss a particular topic, and to reflect together on their experiences as Fellows. 

  • Host Families from the church provide free room and board for every Fellow, even if the Fellow is from Memphis (all Fellows live with host families during the program; the only exceptions are Fellows who are married). Fellows are not permitted to bring pets with them.

    Please note: Fellows are allowed to date during our program (as long as they are not dating other Memphis Fellows). We also welcome engaged Fellows to participate; however, to allow our Fellows to invest completely in the community of the program, we do not allow Fellows to get married while in the program. The Fellows year is packed with classes, work, trips, volunteering, host families, mentors, and many additional activities. We believe that planning a wedding during the program is distracting to both the Fellow and his/her class.


  • The tuition for the 2PC Fellows Program is $5,700. This includes a $200 non-refundable deposit that is due when an applicant returns his/her signed contract, accepting a position in the program. Half of the tuition ($2,750) is due by September 1. The rest is made in eight monthly payments (October-May).
  • The tuition may be paid by the Fellow or may be raised in the same way support is raised for a mission trip.
  • Upon request each Fellow receives a fundraising packet after their acceptance into the program.

Dates for the Class of 2017-2018

  • The next Fellows class will arrive on September 9, 2017.
  • The next Fellows class will graduate on May 12, 2018.


We have a rolling admissions policy. Please apply using the application below. 

Download the 2017-2018 Application

If you have any questions, or would like additional information, please email us at .

For further information about the concept of Fellows, visit www.thefellowsinitiative.com