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What Past Fellows Are Saying...

The Fellows Programs has far exceeded my expectations...I have been blown away by the fellowship I have experienced here. It is so encouraging to be surrounded by so many likeminded Christians in similar seasons of life. I am constantly being pushed towards Christ by the Fellows and the countless others who help make the program so great!

Tyler Hoog
Class of 2015-2016

I have experienced the sweetest community through the Fellows Program at Second. I am constantly thanking the Lord for how He is so clearly using Second to reach the city of Memphis...There have been countless situations where I have felt genuine love here by people that I've just met. Seeing such real community pushes me to love with the Lord's love in a city that is loving me so well. I am so excited to watch the Lord continue to bring light to Memphis and to have the opportunity to be a part of it!

Morgan Brown
Class of 2015-2016

I absolutely loved my Fellows year! The Lord used those nine months to challenge my beliefs and refocus my relationship with Him. I learned so much about His Word and realized His purpose for my part in the grand story of redemption. My favorite part, however, was the family of brothers and sisters I came to know and love. My class of Fellows was a source of encouragement, laughter, and friendship when I needed them most and I am so thankful for those relationships! I honestly cannot recommend this experience highly enough! 

Rachel Harkins
Class of 2013-2014

I cannot speak highly enough of the Fellows Program in Memphis. The program helped me re-evaluate everything I thought Christianity was, by being in community with the other Fellows, studying a redemptive history of the Bible and processing with other Christians how our faith flows into every aspect of our lives. I experienced God’s grace and love more than I ever have or knew possible through the people who make up this program and the people who serve and worship God together at this church. I am so grateful the Lord saw fit for me to be in Memphis and now I am happy to call it home for as long as He allows!
Valerye Sweatt
Class of 2012-2013

One of the main things I took away from the program is that we as believers have to be engaging the culture. We know that what is going on in the world is not the will of God. We have to do what we do with excellence and God in it so the world can see the difference. We can't sit back and say "this is just how it is." We have to ENGAGE.  

Alyssa Champion
Class of 2011-12

The Fellows year was the model of how all of life should be: immersed in a church body, encouraged by a Christian community of friends, and challenged to share Christ's light in the workplace. Because of the Fellows' program, I am more equipped to live as a servant for Christ.

Margaret Cranford 
Class of 2010-11

Because of the Fellows Program, I better understand how my "career" is about God's people and spreading the Gospel. No matter where I am or what I am doing, this needs to be my focus.  

Chris Oliver 
Class of 2009-10

The Fellows Program equipped me to look at my life with an enhanced discernment. The teaching helped guide me to which issues are important, both inside and outside the church, and how to combine the two.

Audrey Bourland
Class of 2007-08

The Fellows Program was the perfect transition year for me right out of college. God used every aspect of the program to teach me and grow me more into who He has called me to be. Not only was I challenged by the dynamic teaching, but I was grown in unexpected ways as I learned more about who I am and what my role is in futhering the Lord's kingdom.

I have come out of the Fellows Program with a greater passion for God's kingdom, a desire and understanding of what it means to live differently in this world because of the truth of the gospel, and a life that has been and continues to be transfomed by the renewing of my mind. I am so thankful for the Fellows Program and I wouldn't have traded this year for anything!

Blair Stegall
Class of 2007-08

The 2PC Fellows Program is a unique experience that places recent college graduates in fellowship with Christian professionals. Unlike other post-graduate experiences, a Fellow is given the opportunity to benefit from the time and energy of those who have successfully taken the same road. The Fellows Program is truly a time to learn from Christians who have merged their faith and practice in the real world.

Daniel Jones
Class of 2006-07

The Fellows Program has made a remarkable impact on my life. I have grown so much in my understanding of who I am as a beloved creature of God and what it looks like to make Christ the center of every part of my life: work, relationships, volunteer service, and how I see the world. 

It provided me with the opportunity to learn about and discuss issues relevant to my faith that I had never thought about before. Developing friendships and a community of people to discuss things with, learn from and spend time with was a huge blessing to me. The Fellows experience has empowered me to feel more equipped to live as an effective servant of Jesus Christ in my daily life.

Elena Vournakis
Class of 2006-07

This past year I have come face to face with the reality that God gives His children knowledge of His word and understanding of His commands to live all of life under the Lordship of Christ. In fellowship, bible study, discussing theology, and living out class lessons in everyday relationships with coworkers, family, and friends, the Fellows program clearly taught me that Christianity is a way of being and of learning.

From these nine months of building relationships, learning from those men and women who are older in the faith, and reading numerous books on various issues of life, I have a deeper picture of how I may live to serve and how the legacy of a spirit-filled life can vitally change a community.

Not only have I developed a greater vision for how my life is to be lived, but I have gained a life-long group of friends that are also seeking God’s will. Our Fellows year has added to the foundation of Christ in my life and will continue to impact how I daily walk in the presence of God.

Amanda Rinker
Class of 2006-07

The 2PC Fellows Program was an instrumental part of who I have become. The nurturing community surrounding me over that year helped me lay the groundwork to become a strong leader through Christ in my career, my ministry, and with my family and friends.

The five cornerstones of the program gave me the vision to integrate the Lord into every facet of my life. Looking back at my year in Memphis reminds me of the invaluable lessons and opportunities that I still cherish. Taking that year after college to lay the foundation for the rest of your life will prepare you to be lifted higher than you ever imagined.

Jay Cobble
Class of 2005-06

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