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Berclair Elementary

Books for Berclair

Each year for Christmas every student at our adopted school, Berclair Elementary, receives a new book from Second Presbyterian Church. Through these gifts, we hope to not only encourage children to read, but also to show them the care and support of their community. This year, you can support this effort in two ways:

  1. Through an online donation (available around December)
  2. By sending a check to the church to the attention of Kim Blankenship, with “Books for Berclair” in the memo line.

We appreciate your continued acts of kindness towards the precious students at the school.

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Williams at 454-0034 or amy.williams@2pc.org

MCS Adopt-A-School, Berclair Elementary

In 2009, 62% of students in Memphis graduated from high school, with a 50% rate among minorities and low-income students. In the nation, Tennessee ranks among the lowest in terms of money spent per pupil.

In an effort to encourage local businesses and organizations to support schools, especially the most under-resourced, Memphis City Schools founded the Adopt-a-School program in 1979. Through this program, these supporting organizations can help in many different ways such as donating finances, to help purchase school supplies for example, and time, through volunteers who directly support teachers and students in the classroom.

In 2005, we at Second Presbyterian adopted Berclair Elementary, based on factors such as proximity, demographics, and a principal willing to partner with a church. By engaging members, particularly through our 24 Congregational Communities, we seek to help with the school’s most pressing needs, and especially to help the students see academic improvements. Throughout our years of partnership, our more than 300 volunteers have loved to interact with the Berclair students, from tutoring, to attending and helping with class parties, seasonal carnivals, and more.

If you are interested in serving with us at the school, please contact Amy Williams at 454-0034, or amy.williams@2pc.org.

View Second's Blueprint for adopting a school (PDF)