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Love Your Neighbor.

It’s a simple command with vast implications—one that should change our hearts and spur us to action. Mission Memphis is Second’s way of loving the neighbors that share our beautiful and often beleaguered city. It’s a privilege…and a big responsibility.

Thankfully, Scripture provides clear direction about the ways we are to meet the physical and spiritual needs of others.  Through careful Bible study, we’ve constructed a set of Guiding Principles that shape the vision and mission for this important ministry.

Before we can effectively minister to our neighbors, we must first get to know them. By reviewing thorough research, we’ve learned a lot about Memphis, her citizens, her strengths and weaknesses, and her greatest needs. 

Based on this information, and the burdens God placed on the hearts of many in our congregation, several Key Initiatives have emerged. These projects are where we’ve chosen to concentrate the bulk of our efforts and resources.

We recognize that there are many ministries already doing an outstanding job of addressing Memphis’ many needs. To support their efforts, Mission Memphis has formed partnerships with these organizations. Through counsel, volunteer hours and financial resources, we hope to amplify the scope and effectiveness of programs already in place.