Family & Children

Here you can find opportunities to help families and children of all ages. Whether it’s coaching sports, leading music, or conducting Bible studies, there’s a need that you can serve!

Agape Child & Family Services
Director: David Jordan
Phone: 901-323-3600
Website: www.agapemeanslove.org 
The mission is to provide children and families with healthy homes. Agape seeks to serve homeless women/children, fatherless children and at-risk communities, principally through the Powerlines Community Network (PCN), a collaboration of partnerships, which leverage services and expertise to empower communities and nurture their children and families. Ministry efforts are focused on Frayser, Whitehaven, and Hickory Hills.

Discipling Men, Inc.
Director: Don Riley
Phone: 901-461-2819
Website: www.disciplingmen.com 
Discipling Men, meets with men, minister to men, and mobilize men locally, regionally, and internationally. The ministry evangelizes, equips, and encourages men in the person and work of Jesus Christ and serves as a facilitator of small group ministries and as a consultant to ministers who oversee small groups.

Eikon Ministries
Director: Roy “Soup” Campbell
Phone: 901-209-0313
Website: www.eikonministries.com 
Eikon Ministries works in the Binghampton and Orange Mound areas. Nathan Street Ministries, a ministry in which many 2PC families participate, is one of its more active programs. Children from age 5-18 attend Bible study and club meetings. Eikon leaders serve in most Binghampton schools (Lester, Brewster, and East). Eikon promotes mentoring relationships for children and seeks to equip children with resources in leadership, biblical teaching, life skills, and financial literacy.

Emmanuel Center
Director: Father Colenzo Hubbard
Phone: 901-523-2617
Website: www.eecmemphis.org  
EEC targets at-risk youth ages 5-19 in the Cleaborn Homes housing community in 38126. These services include: after school activities, Bible clubs, cultural enrichment activities, field trips to local museums, youth job placement, Camp HOPE (Helping Our Participants Excel), various retreats, and sports and recreation programs.

Excel Leadership & Scholarship Program
Program Coordinator: Tracy Anthony
Phone: 901-725-3122
Excel empowers future leaders for the Mid-South in a faith-based context with a scholarship and leadership program. Excel provides that extra support and accountability to those future leaders.

Families Matter
Director: Carol Jackson
Phone: 901-260-8550
Website: www.Familiesmattermemphis.org 
Families Matter seeks to promote healthy relationships and healthy marriages. A principal ministry effort involves providing and teaching a course on building healthy relationships to students in the Shelby County Schools. Another focus is teaching and disciplining young men to become strong fathers and husbands

For the Kingdom Camp
Director: Lewie Polk
Phone: 901-788-2267
Website: www.ftkcamp.org  
FTK provide a safe, fun, and challenging camping environment for evangelism, discipleship, character building, and recreation for under-resourced urban youth in the Mid-South and to resource social and business sector leaders with a quality conference option that will facilitate their mission. Its principal focus is proving ministry week-long evangelistic summer camps. Throughout the year, students from neighboring schools find their way to our campus after school.

Knightlife, Inc.
Director: Eva Miller
Phone: 901-458-1055
Knightlife, which operates entirely by volunteers, is a ministry to young men (16 and up) which meets every Friday from 6:30-9:00 in the 2PC recreation area. The program begins with Bible study and small groups followed by a meal. The youth end the program with recreation activity (basketball).

Leadership Empowerment Center
Director: Marron Thomas
Phone: 901-358-7788
Website: www.LECmemphis.org 
LEC works with children of all ages from many of the schools in the Frayser area. There are after school programs which seek to develop youth spiritually, academically, and economically and also sports and recreation team programs. Through this ministry Marron Thomas has also planted a church – Innovation Church.

Memphis Athletic Ministries
Director: Randy Odom
Phone: 901-744-6261
Website: www.mamsports.org 
MAM provides access to year round, quality discipleship and mentoring programs with well trained staff to all at-risk youth, ages 8 to 18, through 8 neighborhood centers in disadvantaged neighborhoods in our city. MAM does this with organized recreation programs, after school academic programs and workforce training with a focus on the gospel of Jesus Christ. MAM partners with families, schools, and other community organizations to provide the quality services to all of its participants.

Memphis Leadership Foundation
Director: Larry Lloyd
Phone: 901-729-2931
Website: www.mlfonline.org 
MLF seeks to empower leaders and develop ministries and programs that focus on the needs of under-resourced people and communities. MLF focuses its mission in five areas: 1) youth, 2) affordable housing, 3) children and families, 4) community and economic development; and 5) leadership development. MLF has several ministries under its umbrella, including : Red Zone, Refugee Empowerment Program, Excel Scholarships, Economic Opportunities, MARRS, Computer Ministry, Urban Youth Imitative, For the Kingdom, Victims to Victory and MAM.

Multi National Ministries
Director: Laurie Graves
Phone: 901-274-7226
Website: www.multinationalministries.org 
Multi-National Ministries is a Christian Outreach that serves refugees and immigrants who need help understanding and acclimating to this culture, achieving academic success, and experiencing the love of God through Jesus Christ. MNM's main target area includes children and families connected with Bruce Elementary, Bellevue Middle, Central High, as well as Brewster, Snowden, and Grahamwood. MNM hosts after school programs for youth on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Neighborhood Christian Centers, Inc.
Director: Ephie Johnson
Phone: 901-881-6013
Website: www.ncclife.org  
NCC focus is to build stronger families and neighborhoods by providing compassionate, Christ-centered ministries to those in need. Its vision is to “change generations… one life at a time.” NCC serves approximately 70,000 men, women and children through a continuum of programs and services ranging from infants to the elderly. The NCC is one of the primary contacts for Second and many churches and organizations for emergency needs, which include food, clothing, counseling, etc.

One by One Ministries
Memphis Director: Raymond Helton
Phone: 901- 828-0116
Website: www.onebyoneusa.org 
One by One’s mission is to impact an entire generation by enriching the quality of life for babies and their parents through God’s Word. 2PC Women’s Ministry Department facilitates involvement with the ministry by connecting an expectant teen with a mentor (2pc member). The mentors provide spiritual support as well as pre-natal support. Hickory Hill, Alcy Ball and Frayser Community are some of the communities which are served by the ministry.

Orange Mound Outreach Ministries
Director: Reggie Tucker or Mary Tucker
Phone: 901- 644-1416
Website: www.omomcares.org  
OMOM, which focuses on the Orange Mound neighborhood, strives to teach youth about God, Education, Respect, and Self Control. OMOM provides a safe place for youth to congregate every day after school. There are 3 discipleship programs based upon age of the participants. Volunteers assist with programs and provide meals.

RedZone Ministries
Director: Howard Eddings, Jr.
Phone: 901-729-2931
Website: www.redzonememphis.org/
RedZone Ministries works with high risk urban young people between the ages 8 to 18 primarily in the Orange Mound neighborhood. The ministry’s programs focus on academic and educational encouragement, social enhancement, economic development and opportunities, advocacy, behavioral concerns and spiritual guidance.

Refugee Empowerment Program
Director: Cam Echols
Phone: 901-725-3103
Website: www.repmemphis.org  
REP seeks to empower refugees arriving in Memphis to become self-sufficient and independent in their new home. Its primary focus is on the Binghampton neighborhood. REP offers ESL classes, after school and summer programs for children, adult education programs, character education classes for adolescents, college preparation classes, Pre-GED classes for adults, women’s leadership program, and Bible studies for youth and adults.

Repairing the Breach
Director: Felecia Wade
Phone: 901-725-3113
Website: http://divinelifememphis.org/youth.htm  
RTB, which is located in the Alcy Ball neighborhood, has several outreach programs for youth from 6 to 18, such as afterschool programs, Bible studies, life skills, financial and leadership development classes. RTB has partnered with all of schools in the Alcy Ball area. It a youth outreach ministry of Divine Life Church.

Streets Ministries
Director: Reggie Davis
Phone: 901-525-7380
Website: www.streetsministries.org 
Streets serves kids ages 8-20 living in two areas, downtown on Vance Avenue and in the Graham Heights neighborhood. Streets provides a safe place to hang out, meet a friend, and be welcomed with an unconditional love based in Jesus Christ. Streets has developed a wide variety of educational, mentoring, and athletic programs.

Su Casa Family Ministries
Director: Tim Jewett
Phone: 901-320-9833
Website: www.sucasamemphis.org  
Su Casa Ministry ministers to Hispanic families primarily in the Berclair-Kingsbury area by providing ESL classes for adults and several programs for children. Su Casa offers Zumba classes, Bible studies, and summer programs. Su Casa is closely connected with Esperanza Church.
struggling with addictions.

“The House” Women Resource Center Orange Mound
Director: Linda Webster
Phone: 901- 321-4526
Website: www.ncclife.org 
The House a ministry of Neighborhood Christian Centers, in partnership with 2PC women exists to help the women of the Orange Mound community (38111-38114). All volunteers are women who are members of 2PC who have trained to work to address the critical issues that the women in the neighborhood face, by providing job skill training, early childhood education, skills development opportunities, Bible study and compassionate services.

World Relief Memphis
Director: Steve Moses
Phone: 901-341-0220  
Website: www.worldreliefmemphis.org  
World Relief Memphis is responsible for the resettlement of all refugees arriving in Memphis. Its parent organization is the only evangelical agency authorized to resettle refugees in the United States. Its mission is to “empower the local Church to serve the most vulnerable.”

YMOT, Inc.
Director: Patrick Simmons
Phone: 901-728-6294
Website: www.y-motoutreachministries.org 
YMOT works with at-risk youth to make wise decisions, improve their behavior, raise academic standards and improve their physical fitness. The ministry focuses on youth in the South Memphis in the Lakeview Gardens / Whitehaven Community.

Young Life Memphis Urban
Director: Danita Calhoun
Phone: 901-726-0054
Website: www.younglife.org 
Young Life is focused on presenting the gospel to kids consistently and in a winsome manner. Memphis Urban Young Life ministry serves high school kids at Manassas and Kingsbury High Schools; sponsors Bible study at Soulesville Academy; and ministers to teen moms at Kingsbury through its Young Lives Ministry. . Participants are provided opportunities to attend evangelistic camps and to be involved in leadership and life skills training programs.

Youth Leadership of Memphis
Director: Steve Taylor
Phone: 901-591-1905
YLM focuses on instilling values and character at an early age. The ministry provides work training and opportunities for young men along with a long term discipling emphasis.

Youth Striving for Excellence
Director: C. Pearl Lee
Phone: 901-386-9300
Website: www.youthstriving.org 
YSE focus primarily in the North Memphis Area - Frayser, Raleigh, Hollywood, and Douglass communities. YSE conducts Bible studies, builds self-respect, and promotes sexual abstinence and academic excellence.