Here you can find opportunities to help provide for those lacking basic needs—from food to clothing to toiletries. 

Calvary Rescue Mission
Director: Bob Freudiger
Phone: 901-775-2570
Website: www.calvaryrescue.com 
Calvary is a Gospel-focused rescue mission providing shelter, food, clothing, Christian counseling, and discipleship to homeless and needy men who come from all over Memphis and the Mid-South.

JIFF (Juvenile Intervention Faith-based Follow-up)
Director: Richard Graham
Phone: 901-522-8502
Website: www.jiffyouth.org 
JIFF is a Christ –centered court-referred intervention program targeting 12- 18 year old delinquent youth and young adults. JIFF provides 4 months of transitional intervention services focusing on building life skills and providing Biblical instruction needed to break the destructive cycle of criminal behavior.

M.A.R.R.S. (Mediation Restitution/Reconciliation Services)
Director: Anthony Branch
Phone: 901-261-2165
Website: www.marrsmemphis.org 
MARRS serves first and second-time offenders ages 8-17 who are referred by the Juvenile Court to MARRS. The program utilizing three methods of intervention: mediation, restitution, and evangelism/discipleship including character development and leadership program. MARRS holds youthful offenders accountable through the mediation process and the formation of restitution agreements.

Memphis Union Mission
Director: Scott Bjork
Phone: 901-526-8403
Website: www.memphisunionmission.org 
Memphis Union Mission provides food, shelter, clothing, counseling, medical care (Christ Community Health), and other critical care needs principally for homeless men in our city. Memphis Union Mission also maintains the Moriah House which is a safe shelter for women (w/children) who have been abused or are dealing with addictions.

MIFA (Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association)
Inter-Faith Coordinator: Linda Marks
Phone: 901-527-0208
Website: www.mifa.org 
MIFA supports the independence of vulnerable seniors and families in crisis through high-impact programs: Meals on Wheels, Hands on Homes, Senior Companion, long-term care advocates, transportation, emergency services, emergency shelter placements, homeless prevention and re-housing and COOL (teen college assistance).

Salvation Army
Director: Captain Zach Bell
Contact: Ellen Westbrook
Phone: 901-543-8586
Website: www.salvationarmymemphis.org  
Salvation Army is a mercy ministry with programs that are categorized as Relief and Respond. Those falling under Relief (immediate assistance) include: Emergency Shelter for homeless families, disaster assistance, food pantry/mobile meals ministry, and Christmas Angel Tree, Veterans and Hospital visitation. Programs in the Respond (Long-term growth) category include: Renewal Place (chemically addicted women & their children); Adult Rehabilitation Center (for chemically addicted men); Family Worship Centers (Salvation Army corps aka churches); and the Kroc Community Center.

Victims to Victory
Director: Dr. Katherine Lawson
Phone: 901-274-5012
Email address: www.victimstovictory.org 
Victims to Victory help victims of crime move from crisis to comfort through Christ. The mission is carried out through direct victim services, collaboration and educating and equipping the faith community in its ministry to victims of crime.