World Missions FAQ

Can I give to World Missions online?

Yes, absolutely! www.2pc.org/giving.

Can I put my pledge in the offering plate on sunday morning?

Yes, fill out this pledge card and drop it in the plate during the offertory. Be sure to designate your separate check to World Missions in the note as give them on sundays.

I like my gifts to make a difference. How do I know my support is well spent?

The World Missions Committee is made up of folks who have served for many, many years and have gained knowledge about effective missionary work and the people and agencies that are doing it. Also, our Strategic Partnership Member Facilitators go to the field almost annually to check on our partners’ work. All expenditures are submitted to the Church Session for approval. We are considered one of the most effective churches in the arena of World Missions.

Doesn’t my commitment in November to the Church’s Operating Budget support World Missions?

No. It does include Home Missions, but World Missions is a separate budget altogether.

Doesn’t my “designated” giving to missionaries, agencies, and short term trips count as my contribution to World Missions?

Sorry, but no. Your designated gifts are greatly appreciated, but the Church Session approved World Mission’s budget makes significant contributions to missionaries, agencies, and short term trips, separate from your designated gifts.

With so many needs here in Memphis, why should I give to World Missions?

Jesus didn’t say to do one or the other, but rather both. “You shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem… and to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8,9) Also, some of the greatest harvest fields in history exist right now in places like India, China, Cambodia, and other nations. The time to reap is now.

I can’t give much, and it is a big budget. I probably won’t make a difference.

Yes, you will! Regardless of the amount, it would be a blessing to have you take some part in the Church’s Session-approved World Missions budget. 38% of the congregation is currently carrying all of the World Missions ministry. You don’t want to miss being part of the extraordinary things God is doing through your church, and your partnership will encourage others, both here and abroad.