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Recently, Second member Earl Blankenship knew he needed to quickly organize people in his Sojourners CC to pray and help after he was told by fellow member Frank Jemison one day about a Ugandan family at Memphis's Le Bonheur Children's Hospital and then contacted the next day by one of Second's...

Readings for Advent

Posted by Sandy Willson on Nov 25, 2011

Dear Second Family, The Scriptures teach us to rejoice always, but there are some occasions when we especially rejoice and give thanks. Such an occasion is this year’s Advent Season, whose theme is “Rejoice!” Here are some suggested readings, taken largely from the Book of Common Prayer:

This month’s look at generosity in the Second Presbyterian family focuses on men who understand God’s call to reach out to boys and young men through scouting.

Second's Volunteer Ministries department has compiled its annual list of holiday service opportunities — everything from ringing a bell for the Salvation Army and preparing food for Calvary Rescue Mission's Thanksgiving Meal to greeting guests at our on-campus Advent worship services...

Stewardship: His Resources for His Purposes

Posted by Grace Simmons on Nov 11, 2011

The last several months have been a time of numerous transitions for me. First, I graduated from Samford University and moved home after living in Birmingham during my four years of college. More recently, I found myself blessed to have meaningful full time employment and the approval from my...

Stewardship: God's Provision is Sufficient

Posted by Ron Hickman on Nov 04, 2011

I wish we all could capture the same content, meaning and substance in our lives in community that Paul does in his words in the passage of this stewardship season! Indeed, that is exactly what his inspired words promise us, as they did the Corinthians to whom he was writing — it’s a very...

Stewardship: God's Inexpressible Gift

Posted by John Alexander on Oct 28, 2011

by John Alexander My kids have a book about a little dinosaur called a Minosaur. He is a sad little fellow who does not share and goes around saying everything is Mine! Mine! Mine! Only when he discovers the gift of sharing does he find happiness.Sometimes I feel like a little Minosaur. I am...

Christ is Made the Sure Foundation

Posted by Lenora Morrow on Oct 21, 2011

Christ is made the sure foundation, Christ the head and cornerstone, Chosen of the Lord and precious, Binding all the church in one; Holy Zion’s help forever, and her confidence alone.

"God Himself is with us: let us now adore Him, And with awe appear before Him." Doesn’t this text from 1729 still express the sentiment we should embrace each time we come into the presence of the Lord? Our Chancel Choir will sing all of the verses to this hymn as part of our...

Do you wonder what our worship will be like in Heaven? The center of our faith is believing in Jesus Christ, with the assurance that we will live with Him and the Father for eternity.

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