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CityServe Explorers Visits Salvation Army

Posted by Christy Paganoni, Christy Paganoni on May 15, 2010

The CityServe Explorers invite you to join them on their next site visit to The Salvation Army (696 Jackson) for lunch and a tour on Friday, May 28. The church bus will leave at noon from the west parking lot and return no later than 2pm. The Salvation Army is international, evangelical, and...

Immediate Volunteer Help Needed to Aid Local Flood Victims (UPDATED)

Posted by Kim Blankenship, Kim Blankenship on May 03, 2010

Severe storms and heavy flooding forced many people throughout the Midsouth to evacuate their homes and take cover at local shelters hosted by the Midsouth Red Cross. Volunteers are desperately needed to assist the Red Cross in providing aid to flood victims. Contact Susan Epperson at 626-8997...

Loaves and Fishes Ministry Intensifies to Aid America's Hungriest City

Posted by Kim Blankenship, Kim Blankenship on Apr 30, 2010

According to an article published this month in the Tennessean, Memphis is recognized as the leading “hunger capital” in our nation. A recent survey conducted by Feeding America and the Gallup poll revealed that 26% of people in Memphis and the surrounding area were unable to afford the cost of...

Letter from a Berclair Student

Posted by Kim Blankenship, Kim Blankenship on Apr 29, 2010

Each of the students in the fifth grade class at Berclair Elementary School wrote letters to Second Presbyterian Church expressing their appreciation for the church’s ongoing support and for the many volunteers who invest their time each week at their school. Here is one example of the many...

Christ in the Psalms (Part III)

Posted by Jason Hood, Jason Hood on Apr 23, 2010

In posts one and two, we saw just a few of the more important ways in which the Psalms point to Christ. I noted Bruce Waltke’s observation that if a text points to Jesus, that makes it more relevant for us, not less. Here are some ways the NT shows us that the Psalms apply not just to...

Christ in the Psalms (Part II)

Posted by Jason Hood, Jason Hood on Apr 18, 2010

Continuing on from the previous post on discovering Christ in the Psalms and as the one singing the Psalms...

Christ in the Psalms (Part I)

Posted by Jason Hood, Jason Hood on Apr 16, 2010

From the New Testament through the church Fathers to interpreters of recent centuries Christians have seen Jesus as one of the chief subjects of the Psalms.

Gordon MacDonald will be the guest speaker at the Second Presbyterian Church Foundation’s annual dinner on Friday, April 23, where he will speak on “The Excellence of Generosity.” Gordon is the Interim President of Denver Seminary as well as an author, speaker, and teacher. He was a pastor for...

The Great Amen Retreat is an opportunity for men to enjoy fellowship together while studying God’s Word. Pastor Brian Lorrits from Fellowship Church in Memphis will call us to Fight! — for holiness, for your family, for deep godly friendships and for the purity of the Gospel.

Do you know a recent college graduate who is a proven leader and is currently looking for employment or a graduating young believer wanting practical training before entering grad school? Would that young adult also benefit from some Biblical and philosophical training in a unique environment...