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…for the sake of a child

Statistics indicate that each year in Memphis thousands of babies are born to unwed mothers who themselves have never been properly parented. This reality is a primary cause of the astonishing infant mortality rate as well as the cycle of poverty and crime that plague our inner-city.

One by One’s distinctive outreach program gives young parents the tools to build a strong foundation for their children to ultimately build strong families. One by One Ministries hopes, through the impact of God's love and grace, to influence an entire generation by improving the quality of life for babies and their parents.

One by One October 2010 - one by one photo“For one hour each month mentors visit the young mothers in their homes. Together, the mentor and mother learn about the development and proper care of the baby, work through an interactive baby book, and take small steps to exploring God’s Word.” Read full article at

If you are interested in learning more about One by One at Second, please contact Nancy Webster at the Women in Ministry Office (454-0034) or Carey Moore at 761-1001.