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Digitus Dei 
Exodus 8:16-19 | Sermon Recap & Discussion Questions


We must worship God alone, because he is the Lord of creation and providence, our God who works miracles, and the Redeemer through the cross of Christ. 


I. In Creation and Providence

The Westminster Shorter Catechism defines creation as “God's making everything out of nothing by His powerful word in six days - and all very good” (Q. 9). It defines providence as “God's completely holy, wise, and powerful preserving and governing every creature and every action” (Q. 11). By creating gnats out of the dust of the earth - similarly to how He had made man out of the dust of the earth at creation - and by plaguing the Egyptians with these gnats, God shows that He, not Pharaoh (or anyone/thing else), is in control and that He alone is worthy of our worship. 


II. In Miracles

Rather than discounting miracles, we must brag about the finger of our God in all miracles. Particularly when something gets an unbeliever’s attention, we must speak up and make sure God gets the glory. The miracle of the mosquitoes forced the magicians to acknowledge “the finger of God.” While they were not converted to Yahweh and referred to him only as a Elohim, the miracle of transforming dust into bugs required a power beyond any they had previously known.


III. In the Cross

There are two primary ways “finger” is used in the Old Testament outside of this passage. One refers to judgment: pointing the finger in judgment. The other refers to when the priests would use their finger to spread sacrificial blood to demonstrate that someone’s sins had been atoned for. When we put these together, we begin to see a very clear picture of Jesus in this passage. 


Discussion Questions

  1. In Creation and Providence
    a. Read Psalm 8. How does this Psalm show the connection between God being the creator and thus being worthy of our worship?
    b. What difference does it make that all things are made and sustained by God in your life?
    c. Can you think of anything in your life that can only be explained by God’s providence?
  2. In Miracles 
    a. How is the response of the magicians different in this plague than in the previous two? 
    b. Do you find yourself disbelieving that God still works miracles? If yes, how so? 
    c. Share with the group one way you have seen God work in your life lately.
  3. In the Cross: 
    a. What were the two uses of the word “finger” in the Old Testament? How do these taken together point us to the gospel?
    b. If “the finger of God” points us to his providence and to the gospel, what does that tell us about God’s plan?