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I. Speak the Truth (Exodus 5:1-3)

By Moses’ spoken word on behalf of God - “let my people go” - Pharaoh is eventually defeated and the people eventually believe. We have been given this same gospel word.

a. Presuppose the Truth

Moses and Aaron relayed what God said - “thus says the Lord” - to Pharaoh, demonstrating to us that we must begin with God’s Word when speaking the truth and speak in the confidence of His word rather than our own.

b. Stand on the Truth

The only way to be courageous in the face of intimidation or difficult circumstances is to put your trust in God’s Word. 

II. Prove the Truth (Exodus 5:4-9)

God proves two things through us when we follow Him despite our suffering.

a. His Power

Those whose eyes are trained on God’s redemptive plan to conform us individually to Christ and bring all enemies under His feet will conclude that God allowed things to get harder in order to demonstrate His redemptive power more irrefutably.

b. His Goodness

God has proved His goodness to us by drawing near to us to save us even at the ultimate cost to Himself. This proves the seemingly counterintuitive truth that God is good despite suffering.

Discussion Questions

  1. Do you ever find yourself surprised when you suffer? Why do you think that is the case?
  2. What lies do you tend to believe when you are suffering? (i.e. you are doing something wrong, God is displeased with you, you don’t have enough faith, etc.)
  3. What is the true purpose for your suffering?
  4. In what ways did the sermon demonstrate to you that your suffering is ultimately for your good?