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Sermon Recap & Discussion Questions

I. Thoughts (33, 34): 

God’s wisdom and knowledge are riches to us.

A. Salvation: 

We see God’s wisdom and knowledge in his extraordinary plan of salvation.

  1. Justification
  2. Sanctification
  3. History

B. Sees: 

Believers are constantly the objects of God’s very special attention.

  1. Believers
  2. Unbelievers


II. Actions (33b, 35, 36): 

We have a sovereign God who is active in our lives.

A. Sometimes partially discernible: 

God is ultimately accomplishing good in his eternal plan.

B. Sometimes impossibly discernible: 

Some things God does in our lives and in our world are impossible to discern.



Discussion Questions

  1. See if you can remember the answer. Westminster Shorter Catechism Question 1 asks: “What is man’s primary purpose?”
  2. How does recognizing the transcendence of God’s wisdom and knowledge compel us to live for his glory?
  3. How does the fact that God is ultimately accomplishing good show us that his glory and our enjoyment are one and the same?