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Plague of Darkness
Exodus 10:21-29 | Sermon Recap & Discussion Questions


We must look up to God for light, because we need it desperately and Jesus supplied it sacrificially. 


I. Our Need for Light

Most striking is the statement that the darkness could be “felt.” This palpable darkness in Egypt was absolute, oppressive, and claustrophobic. The miraculous nature of this plague is further emphasized by the fact that the Egyptians could not even make light. Apparently not even a flame could be lit. Humanly, this experience was utterly terrifying, even to a king who thought he was a god. The plague of darkness was theologically devastating but infallibly proved Egypt’s gods were nothing and that the true God had not only defeated their gods but was punishing the Egyptians for giving glory to them that belonged to him alone.


II. Jesus’ Supply of Light

Jesus experienced darkness on the cross when “the sun ceased to shine” (Luke 23:45). Just as suddenly as the darkness came on Egypt did the guilt of all our sin come on our faultless Christ. The most devastating of all Jesus’ sufferings on our behalf was his abandonment by the Father. Jesus screams, “Why hast thou forsaken me?” Now the complaint Jesus uttered preemptively through the sons of Korah becomes existentially his, “the darkness is my closest friend” (Psalm 88:18).


Discussion Questions

  1. Our need for light:
    a. Can you think of a time when you experienced literal darkness? Where were you? What was it like? How did it feel?  
    b. Have you felt some of those same feelings in a spiritual and/or emotional sense? Were there any particular circumstances that brought these feelings? 
    c. Was there anything from the sermon about our need for light that particularly resonated with you?
  2. Over Human Hearts: 
    a. What were the different ways Jesus supplies our need for light mentioned in the sermon?
    b. How is Jesus’ provision of light demonstrated in the passage in Exodus?
    c. What is our appropriate response to Jesus’ supply of light? What is one practical way you can apply this?