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Acts 10:9-24 | Reimagine: Redemptive Vision of the Imago Dei

Sermon Recap & Discussion Questions


Acts 10:9-24 shows us that we must value all humanity. Through prayer and listening to God, we are able to have our hearts and minds restored to God’s view of humanity.


I. Prayer

Prayer helps us relinquish control to God; it slows our busy minds; and it shows us a transcendental reality beyond our comprehension.


II. Listening

Prayer also puts us in a place where we can listen and hear God’s voice as we commune with him.


III. Restored View of Humanity

In Peter’s case, God revealed to him that his faith had less to do with what he was eating and more to do with who he and others were serving.


Discussion Questions

  1. What is one thing going on in your life or your heart right now that you can take to the Lord in prayer?
  2. How can you spend time this week pulling away from your busy schedule and listening to God?
  3. Are there any ways this passage revealed to you a need for your view of other people to be restored to the way God’s views them?