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Swallowed Up
Exodus 7:8-13 | Sermon Recap & Discussion Questions

God enables that which he calls us to do for his kingdom. 

  1. Enter the Battle (Exodus 7:8-9)

The serpent represents the battle the Devil has been waging against God’s people since the beginning (Cf. Genesis 3). Moses and Aaron entered the battle but God was the one fighting through them, providing all the necessary resources they needed. 


  1. Execute the Lord’s Commands (Exodus 7:10)

The staff represents God’s commands to us that he gives us for our good. God could have used any object; there was nothing special about the staff. The point is that God gives us commands for our good; our responsibility is to act. Notice, however, that God has been long-suffering and gracious with Moses up to this point. Moses was motivated to obey God out of love for God because he realized how gracious God was to him.


  1. Expect Victory (Exodus 7:12-13)

The swallowing up of the serpents represents God defeating the Devil. In fact, God could have defeated the Devil in any other way, but he transformed Moses’ staff into a serpent to show that He is powerful enough to defeat the Devil at his own game. In the same way, as the Devil tries to bring death to God’s people, Jesus overcame the Devil with his own death and resurrected to prove the victory. This same language is used in 1 Corinthians 15:54 as well: “Death is swallowed up in victory.” Jesus’ victory is our victory too. 



Discussion Questions

  1. Enter the Battle (8-9): How do you tend to respond when you feel inadequate to do what God has called you to do? Is there anything in specific in your life right now you feel inadequate to do?
  2. Execute the Lord’s Commands (10): When you find yourself reluctant to obey God’s commands, what is typically the reason?
  3. Expect Victory (12-13): In what ways is prayer helpful in acting in faith that God will supply everything necessary to obey his commands?