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The Word of God
II Peter 1:19-21

Sermon Recap

God demonstrates his zeal for us to know him in a personal and saving way by revealing himself to us in the clear and reliable language of the scriptures. 

I. The Origin of the Scriptures

Because scripture originated from God, it is worthy to stake your life on

A. Interpretations: “Interpretation” in this passage refers to the origin of scripture and its origin is from God.

B. Inspiration: The Bible is not a collection of man’s opinions but the very word of God which he used human authors to write.

II. The Nature of the Scriptures

Because the scriptures are certain, enlightening, and sufficient, they are worthy of staking your life on.

A. Certain: The scriptures are certain because they have been written down, their prophecies have been fulfilled, and men and women throughout history have been willing to die rather than recant them.

B. Enlightening: The scriptures are enlightening because they reflect Jesus throughout.

C. Sufficient: The scriptures are sufficient for our lives until Christ returns.

Discussion Questions

See if you can remember the answer to WSC #2: What authority from God directs us how to glorify and enjoy him forever?

How does the fact that scripture originated from God rather than people give you assurance that it is trustworthy and true?

How does the nature of scripture give you assurance that it is worthy to stake your life on?

Going Deeper

Do you sometimes view scripture as hindrance to your joy rather than God’s authority for directing us how to glorify and enjoy him? Why?

In view of the trustworthiness of scripture, how might you practically devote yourself to knowing and understanding the scripture going forward?