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Unhindered | Acts 28:23-31
Sermon Recap & Discussion Questions

If we were to choose a word to describe Paul’s ministry at the end of Acts, chances are we wouldn’t choose the word unhindered. Yet, that is exactly the word the writer Luke uses (31). Despite social rejection and imprisonment, the reign of God will continue to be made known boldly and without hindrance to the ends of the earth.

I. Unjust Imprisonment

Paul’s unjust imprisonment and later execution was not a hindrance to the gospel. His imprisonment and the false accusations made against him and his execution followed in the pattern of Jesus who was also falsely accused and executed. God often uses ironic means – the weak, the unnoticed, the undervalued, those in prison – to accomplish His purposes. He even often uses the suffering and injustice of His people to make His kingdom spread.

II. Social Rejection

Again, like Jesus, Paul’s message is rejected by his own people. In fact, he is persecuted and falsely accused in response to his teaching. God is neither surprised nor overcome by this response from society. In fact, throughout history God warns his people about their propensity to reject God as God. Yet despite social rejection, the gospel goes forth unhindered.

Discussion Questions

What other places in scripture can you think of where imprisonment, etc. ultimately did not hinder the spread of the gospel? What does this tell you about man’s limitations vs. God’s intentions?

When you feel discouraged or frustrated by society’s dismissal of your faith, what encouragement do you have from the life of Jesus and Paul?