Library Checkout Policy

We appreciate your patronage of our Library. It is our greatest gift to be able to glorify God and share His word with members and non-members alike.

We require no membership fees, but we do have a few expectations:

  1. Each item may be checked out for 2 weeks at a time. We are happy to renew for an additional 2 weeks as long as there is no one on the waiting list for that item. Email us at library@2pc.org  with questions.
  2. Each patron may check out 3 items at one time. If you have special needs or requests, please contact the Manager.
  3. Please keep all materials as clean and scratch-free as possible. Let us know of any damage to an item.
  4. If you are unwilling or unable to abide by these guidelines, then your privileges as a patron could be suspended.

Overdue Items

We understand that many of our patrons may have books from multiple libraries. For that reason, we do try to send a weekly reminder of titles checked out from The Growing Place. Should you need to renew your titles or make any corrections to our information, please email us at  or call us at (901)454-0034 x134.

Patrons are responsible for any overdue items, at $.10/day. If not returned within 6 weeks, the material shall be considered lost and will require replacement at your expense. Please make arrangements with the library Manager.

These policies are effective March 2018