Generosity at Second

We believe that giving is the essence of the gospel. We give generously, faithfully, and sacrificially as an expression of the joy we have in our salvation and blessings we have recieved because of our relationship with Christ and His church. 

In this short three-part video series, George Robertson answers a few common questions about Christian giving:

Why Do We Give?

How Much Do We Give?

Where Do We Give?


In the paper Stewardship at Second, George answers many difficult questions that Christians face in considering individual giving. He emphasizes the importance of viewing stewardship as a “joyful response to grace,” highlighting that a worshipful heart is necessary to all giving. Furthermore, he uses Biblical principles to help establish practical guidelines for stewardship, while illustrating the many blessings that God bestows on those who worship Him through joyful giving.

Read “Stewardship at Second” [PDF]