Our Sanctuary

From the day that Second Presbyterian Church was founded in 1844 until today, our focus has remained the same: The Worship of the Living God. Though our address and facilities have changed throughout the years, our mission of glorifying God through joyful worship has never wavered.

On November 23, 1952, our initial sanctuary at Poplar and Goodlett was consecrated.  On December 23, 2001, we worshiped for the first Sunday in our newly renovated sanctuary after six months of morning and evening services in our Fellowship Hall. On January 27, 2002, we set apart our sanctuary once again to the worship and service of Almighty God.

Although organized in a warehouse on the river bluff on December 28, 1844, the original congregation soon moved to the rented frame building at the corner of Beale and South Front.

Outgrowing this, Second Presbyterian Church moved to its first real home on the northeast corner of Main and Beale, which was consecrated on April 2, 1849.

After many fruitful years at this location, the congregation bought a lot at the corner of Hernando and Pontotoc in 1888.  The fan-shaped, still unfinished main auditorium of the massive, handsome building was occupied for the first service on October 16, 1892.

Our move to Poplar and Goodlett in 1949 was one more bold move to fulfill our mission: with a membership of 500, we built a sanctuary to seat 1,200 East Memphians whom we would reach.

After being remodeled in 2001, we have a beautifully enlarged sanctuary with a wrap-around tiered balcony with seating for 1,800, a first-class music facility with rehearsal and robing rooms, music offices and library, classrooms for our growing educational program and a bride’s room.

Recognizing that the church’s building blocks are her people, not her brick, we desire that every square foot of our expanded buildings and property be used for the expansion of God’s Kingdom here in Memphis, in our nation, and throughout the world.