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Worship Resources

Second defines Christian worship as:

The joyful activity of regenerate believers and their children in which they, in gratitude for the fullness of the Godhead as He is revealed in the person and work of Jesus Christ, seek by the power of the Holy Spirit, to render to the living God the glory, honor, and submission due Him, in accord with His will, revealed in the Scriptures.

Hymns and Worship Songs

The Trinity Hymnal Online
The Trinity Hymnal is what you’ll find in the pews at Second. This online resource is great for finding a hymn by title, lyric, or first line and also provides a sound file to provide the tune. This resource is provided by the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC).

In addition to the the Trinity Hymnal we sing a few additional hymns. Download the supplemental hymns we sing as a congregation.

The RUF Hymnbook
If you’re a guitar player, Reformed University Fellowship (PCA) has put together an online hymnal containing both traditional and new arrangements of many beloved hymns. This is a great resource for sing-along worship for your family, small group, or your CC.