Who We Are

Retell the Gospel.
Reimagine the Church and City.
Repair what is Broken.


We are people who easily forget. This has been true for God’s people throughout history. In fact, from Genesis to Revelation a consistent theme emerges: the retelling of what God has done for his people. The moment we encounter hardship we forget the manna and turn to our golden calves for comfort and provision.

“Remember,” God says … over and over. We must constantly retell ourselves the truth: God loves sinners. Why is this so hard to remember? Because it’s too good to be true. This is the beauty of the Gospel. We retell ourselves this truth so it will create deep grooves in our hearts and minds.

When hardship comes, these grooves channel our thoughts and feelings to run to the abundant wells of grace … the news that’s too good to be true. Each Sunday, we rehearse and retell the Gospel to ourselves as we hear the call of God and respond … through worship, confession, and thanksgiving. At Second, we’re committed to retell the Gospel to ourselves, each other, our community, and the nations.


There’s a truth which resonates deep in the soul of believers and non-believers alike as we look at the world around us: this isn’t the way things are supposed to be. As Christians, we’re committed to reimagining the church and the city as God intended. The good news that God loves sinners is transformational: for us, for our city, and for our world. The Holy Spirit helps us imagine what the grand architect wants to accomplish, and we have the privilege of assisting in this transformation.

We dream of a church and city that are unified in demonstrating his kingdom come and his will being done in Memphis. At Second Presbyterian Church, we reimagine a church and a city that are Beautifully Joyful, Gloriously Diverse, Generously Restored, and Victoriously Empowered. 


We’re unique people with a unique, God-given mission to repair what is broken. Because of sin, everything is broken: our relationship with God, with others, with ourselves, and with creation. But we know the good news that God loves sinners and he calls and enables his people to be repairers of the breach and restorers of the streets. This means we are each equipped to be repairers of what is broken in our hearts, in our relationships and families, and in our community.

Second is placed in the geographical center of this city because God has entrusted us to the mission of repairing in his name. He placed us here to imitate his grace and his gospel, and we give testimony to the good news every time we repair. At Second, we seek to repair what is broken as God redeems a people and a city which dwells in righteousness, peace, and the power of the Holy Spirit.