Diversity at Second

We are convinced that our congregation should reflect the diversity of the surrounding community. Even more, we long to see our congregation reflect the complexion of Heaven as described in Revelation 7:9

Our prayer is that these resources will drive us all to confess our sins, cast away our idols, and seek to live in repentance, with mercy, love, and justice for all.


Statement of Intent Regarding Race Relations at Second [PDF]
In the Session meeting of October 15, 2001, the formation of a Race Relations Committee was approved. For almost a year, this committee met and had healthy discussion about the subject of race relations in our church and community. On September 16, 2002, the Session approved the work of this committee by adopting this statement of intention

Steps: A Remembrance of the 1964 Kneel-Ins
On Saturday, March 22, 2014, Second Presbyterian Church and Independent Presbyterian Church, protest participants and their family members, and Stephen Haynes, author of The Last Segregated Hour, held an event to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the kneel-in protests at Second Presbyterian Church. In 1964 these protests, led by a multi-racial group of college students, were held as African Americans were prevented from attending our worship services. 

Breaking Down the Walls
Several times a year, we offer a class which explores how our congregation can move toward authentic, diverse relationships across racial lines. The classes are taught by an ethnically diverse team of men and women, and class content is mainly focused on educating our majority brothers and sisters.

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Questions or Concerns? 

Our pastors would love to talk with you further regarding race relations. For a full list of our pastors and their email addresses, click here. Or, call Arlene Roberts at (901) 454-0034 to reach the offices of our pastors.