Equipping the Saints

In this media series, our pastors and ministry staff will aim to encourage and empower 2PC members with the tools we need to live faithfully in our present time and particular place. 

Living Within God’s Story

Spring 2024

Hear from Pastor Josh Preston and special guest, Dr. Chris Wright, as they step back to look at the bigger story of Scripture and help us see how doing so can shape and transform what we believe about politics. Dr. Wright is the Global Ambassador for Langham Partnership and Honorary Curate at All Souls Church in London as well as the author of Here Are Your Gods and The Mission of God’s People.

Gracious Laws of Love

Winter 2024

Josh Preston and George Robertson discuss how the Ten Commandments can serve as a guide for our moral and ethical decisions as Christians. They unpack the many implications that we can draw from each of the commendaments and help us see that they really are gracious laws from a loving God who wants our society to flourish.

Civility Within Political Discussions

Fall 2023

Hear from Pastor Josh Preston and former Senior Pastor and current interim president of The Gospel Coalition, Sandy Willson, as they discuss how to engage in political discussions in gracious and redemptive ways both with those inside the church as well as those outside of the church.

Faithfully Following Jesus in an Election Year

Summer 2023

Pastor Josh Preston and Senior Pastor George Robertson discuss what it looks like to have a biblical mindset going into election season. Listen in for a conversation about the difficulties and importance of seeking justice, mercy, and faithfulness in the political enterprise of our country.

Finding Courage While Seeking Peace

Spring 2023

A roundtable discussion with Pastor Josh Preston, Director of Shepherding resources Laurin Maddux, and Senior Pastor George Robertson—where they discuss the tension of seeking the peace and prosperity of a city that is sometimes dangerous. Listen in for an honest conversation about loving our neighbors in turbulent times.