Mission Memphis

Supporting women & Families in our city

In light of recent national events, we have gathered together a list of our local ministry partners who support vulnerable women and families in our city. We encourage you to utilize this webpage as a resource  whenever you encounter women and families in need.

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One of the greatest joys of living in Memphis is interacting with our neighbors. We see each other at work, school, local restaurants, church, and in the communities in which we live.

We hope you'll use the map and Prayer Book linked below to familiarize yourself with our ministry partners, learn more about several key Memphis neighborhoods where they serve, and to pray for our neighbors.

Mission Memphis Partner index

For information on our Mission Memphis partners, organized by neighborhood, please use the link below.

This tool was designed to help you stay in touch with our current partners for volunteer needs and to stay up to date on how to pray for the neighborhoods of Memphis.

Mission Memphis Prayer Book


Introducing the newly updated Love Your Neighbor prayer book! 

From new partners and current photos to relevant ways to get involved and pray, we hope that our 2021-22 Love Your Neighbor book will serve as a resource to help you better come alongside our Mission Memphis partners in their kingdom-advancing work, both those serving in your neighborhood and across town.

Download a PDF of the book, or pick up a physical copy in the hallways.