Scripture informs us that our greatest need is to be connected to a loving community who can connect us to a loving God. We long for Second to be such a community—a church for others. Rather than waiting for our neighbors to visit our church, we want to be a people that brings the church to our neighborhoods. Parishes allow us to carry the blessings of the gospel through the reality of the church to the doorstep of every home and family in Memphis.

What is a Parish?

A parish is a geographic district that organizes church members according to where they live in order to carry out the shared mission of our church—to Retell The Gospel, Reimagine The Church and City, and Repair What Is Broken.

Want to Get More Connected?

Find your parish, and contact the parish leadership listed below! They can help you get involved by letting you know what parish happenings are currently going on—cookouts, dinner roulettes, weekly prayer groups, etc.

Taylor Tollison, Bill Jorgensen

Dan Fore

Ethan Knight, Graham Farnsworth

Normal Station
Brian & Mary Edwards

Tread Thompson, Parket Rhett

Belle Meade/The Village
Jimmy & Mary Edwards

Chris Devine

Bob & Deb Coleman

Denny & Michelle Catalano, Larry & Leesa Jensen

White Station
Dan Wynn

Sea Isle
John Ivy, David Leake

Richland (Mendenhall/240)
Brandon Hammons, Robb Roaten

Shelby Farms
Damon Conley

Kirby Woods
Kevin Stout

Sam Shaw

Parish Rhythyms

We are aiming to connect with one another and build relationships with members in our parish. Laying this relational groundwork will set us up to organically and effectively do ministry together. Be prayerfully considering how you might participate, serve, or lead in your parish through the following parish rhythms: 

Quarterly: All Parish Gathering
Monthly: Host 2-3 other households in your home each month for a gathering
Weekly: Pray through a list for all the families in your parish


Parish Launch Panel Discussion Audio

Tools for Parish Leaders


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