The vision of 2PCSports is to Retell the Gospel,
Reimagine the church and city,
and Repair what is broken
through fun and God-honoring
sports and recreation opportunities.  

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Spring Sport offerings
Registration for Spring Sports is now LIVE! Please read through ALL of the following information, as it will clear up the majority of questions you might have. Registration will remain open until January 27. Late sign-ups for spring sports will NOT be guaranteed a spot and will be placed on a waiting list. There is also a limit for each session, so sign up soon!

A couple of important details:
  • We are adding girls tee ball for JK and SK!  
  • We are restructuring our baseball program for 1st-4th grade. Check out the changes below!  
  • 1st-4th grade boys will not be able to play both baseball and soccer in the spring due to the potential for overlapping practice and game schedules.  
Here is the general structure and schedule for this upcoming season:

Tee Ball (boys and girls) — $100
  • JK and SK Tee Ball — For boys and girls that are in Junior Kindergarten (JK) and Senior Kindergarten (SK). Sessions will be on Mondays at 5:00pm for JK and 6:00pm for SK starting April 10.  There will be a total of six sessions, with a mix of skills and drill along with games. We plan to have boys and girls specific teams.  

Baseball (1st-4th grade boys) — $125

  • Season Format
    • Teams will have one practice per week starting the week of March 6. Once league games start, practice times depend on coaches and team discretion. Teams may host optional hitting and fielding practice once per week in addition to weekly practice (based on field space availability).  
    • April 10-21— 2PC Baseball Spring Training (2-3 practice games).
    • April 24-May 26 — League Season (2 weeknight games per week with rainouts rescheduled for Saturdays occasionally, 6-8 games total)
    • May 30-June 3 — Optional Postseason play (3-4 games)
  • Ages — 1st and 2nd grade divisions (coach pitch), 3rd and 4th grade divisions (kid pitch)
  • If you have a 5th or 6th grader that is interested in playing baseball, please email Chris Devine and he will try to help find an option.
  • If you have a girl interested in playing softball, please email Chris Devine and he will try to help find an option.
Soccer (boys and girls) — $100
  • SK-6th — Teams will practice one night a week starting the week of March 6th (day/time determined by coach), and games will be on Saturdays starting April 1, for a total of six games.
  • PK and JK — For boys and girls that are in Pre-Kindergarten (PK) and Junior Kindergarten (JK). Sessions are planned for Friday nights and will begin on April 14. There will be a total of six sessions, with a mix of skills and drill along with games.
Team Roster Formation Info
ALL rosters will be created based on friend requests. Even though we spend lots of time and effort to create teams that are split off of the requests, you are NOT GUARANTEED to get your friend request(s). 

A few more helpful reminders: 
  1. If your child is 1st-6th grade, they are not able to play both soccer and baseball in the Spring.
  2. If your child is in kindergarten, please make sure you sign up for the correct age (PK, JK, or SK).

This Spring, we hope to create an environment where your child not only grows in their enjoyment in their respective sport but also experiences Jesus in a life changing way through our leagues and the relationships they build this season.

Information regarding registration:

  1. Please make sure that the email that you register with is the best one to reach you! We send out all of our preseason communication via email, so you will miss out on all updates if this email is incorrect.
  2. If your child is in kindergarten, please make sure you sign up for the correct age (JK or SK). 
  3. Regarding Refunds — Once uniforms are ordered refunds are not guaranteed. If there is an extenuating circumstance that requires a child to drop from the sport, we will consider refunds on a case by case basis.   

Contact Shayla Wolfe at with questions.

Register for Soccer

Register for T-Ball & Baseball

If your child has special needs, contact Shine Coordinator Audrey Hamm for help finding the right team:

Contact Audrey Hamm

ESCRA Basketball Schedule 

  • Practices begin November 19
  • Games are every Saturday from December-February 4 (except for December 24 and 31) 
  • Events include University of Memphis Basketball Nights (a Men's Game on December 17 and a Women's Game on February 11) 

GIRLS JK/SK Basketball Schedule

January 5-February 16

  • No games on January 26
  • Family Fun Night with the Children's Ministry on January 27 

Thursday Nights

  • JK from 5:00-6:00pm
  • SK from 6:00-7:00pm

Six-Week Season Breakdown

  • Two weeks of skills and drills
  • Four weeks of games
  • One mid-season event

BOYS JK/SK Basketball Schedule

January 6-February 17

  • No games on January 27 (there will be a Family Fun Night with the Children's Ministry instead).

Friday Nights

  • JK from 5:00-6:00pm
  • SK from 6:00-7:00pm

Six-Week Season Breakdown

  • Two weeks of skills and drills
  • Four weeks of games
  • One mid-season event

fitness Center & Track

Our Recreation Building has a fully furnished fitness room with fixed weight machines, free weights and 13 stations for cardiovascular workouts, plus a stretching table. Also, we have a rubberized 1/12 mile walking track.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday / 7:00am–7:00pm
Tuesday, Thursday / 8:00am–7:00pm
Saturday / 8:00am–12:00pm 
Closed on Sundays

Reservations are no longer required to visit the Fitness Center and the Track. The main doors into the building will remain locked at all times. Paid members will be issued a key card to be used only during the operating hours of the Fitness Room and Track. The key cards are not to be shared. Each card has the member's name on it. There will be a $20 fee to replace lost cards. Membership renewal will begin January 1. There will be a 30-day grace period to renew. After that time, if you have not renewed, your card will be deactivated. 

  • A membership to the Fitness Center is required.  An annual membership fee to the Fitness Center ($100 per person; $140 per family) and Track ($30 per person) is required. Membership renewals are due each January. If a new member joins during the year, a pro-rated cost is available. Call Recreation (901-454-0034, ext. 158) for the pro-rated price if signing up before or after January. 

    Pay Fitness Center Fees

  • Members must utilize the provided Clorox wipes to clean each piece of equipment after each use.

Resources for Various Sports

i9 Sports

Website and app offering instruction on various sports, including practice plans, rotation sheets, and other resources from ages 3 through 18

Mojo Sports Coaching

How-to's and expert advice to get the most out of each season 

Team Snap

Skills and drills, as well as articles, for various sports. Practice plan templates also available. 

Sports Mom Survival Guide

Resources for parents to help their children grow in sports and life

Aspen Institute Project Play

For coaches and parents seeking to encourage their kids to continue playing sports throughout life 

Positive Coaching Alliance

Thousands of resources for different sports and youth development 

Up2Us Sports 

Take advantage of Up2Us Sports virtual trainings on YouTube, as well as drills on Up2Us website.

Sport-specific resources 




Flag Football



Other resources 


  • The Dangerous Duty of Delight by John Piper
  • J Curve by Paul E. Miller
  • Habits of the Home by Justin Earley 

* Contact our 2PC Bookmark Bookstore or Growing Place Library to inquire about the availability of the above books. 

Faith and Sports 

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