A Letter from Drew Yonchak, Stewardship Chair

Oct 15, 2018

Dear 2PC Family,

As we move into this year’s stewardship season, we pause to reflect on how we, individually and corporately, are furthering the mission of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ in Memphis and abroad.

In one sense, our mission is identical to all other evangelical churches: we engage in worship, fellowship, discipleship, evangelism, and mercy. Although our mission never changes, God calls each congregation to serve a unique people in a specific place and time.

In August, George suggested how members of Second can carry out our unique mission as Christ’s church by:

Retelling the Gospel constantly,

Reimagining the Church and City presently, and

Repairing What is Broken from the past.

Our desire for this season is that we think deeply about how we have been specifically called to participate in the mission of the Church. Indeed, praise God that He allows all of us to claim the title of “missionary” and serve as “stewards” of this very sacred mission!

Let us join in prayer as a church family over the next several weeks by asking God how we are to be “Stewards on Mission” and, specifically, how God desires that we use our time, talents, resources, and money to advance the mission of His Church through Retelling, Reimagining, and Repairing.

Our stewardship season this year will cover three weeks — beginning Sunday, October 28 and concluding on Commitment Sunday, November 11. On Sunday, November 4, there will be a joint Congregational Community meeting in the Sanctuary where George will share his thoughts on what it means to be “Stewards on Mission.” During this time, there will also be Q&A when you can ask George any question you might have about stewardship, tithing, or anything else. You can email your questions in advance to .

His servant,

Drew Yonchak