A Word from George Robertson About Upcoming “Vision Sundays’’

Aug 10, 2018

Over the next three Sundays, starting August 12, I am going to unpack what I believe is The Mission of Second. As I have gotten to know our church and our city over the past year, I think the Lord has particularly equipped us to fulfill the universal mission of the Church of Jesus Christ according to three particular emphases.

The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ has a five-fold mission: worship, fellowship, discipleship, evangelism and mercy. But each congregation will carry out that five-fold mission in a manner unique to its people and place. Some people call that the local church’s “vision.”

To keep it simple, I’m going to use the same word “mission” and ask what is Second’s mission? How will Second specifically carry out the universal mission of the Church of Jesus Christ as a particular people in Memphis? I am suggesting that I see us doing that in three ways:

  1. Retelling the Gospel Constantly
  2. Reimagining the Church and City Presently
  3. Repairing What is Broken from the Past

I do not see this to be a vision for 2018 that will be replaced with another for 2019, but rather one that will characterize us until the Lord comes back. I dream of these words being on the tip of our tongues, that retelling, repairing, and reimagining will roll of our lips as naturally as the Lord’s Prayer. I want to inspire you with the mission of our church and your role as a missionary in it! 

Please join us August 12th, 19th, and 26th as we unfold the mission of Second together!