An End-of-Year Word from George Robertson

Dec 17, 2019

What a marvelous year God has given us in our mission at Second! I’ve been encouraged by our enthusiasm for Retelling the Gospel, Reimagining the Church and the City, and Repairing What is Broken. And despite our budget challenge for our last fiscal year, our incredibly generous congregation met and exceeded that budget challenge in June! 

We Retell the gospel primarily in corporate worship, morning and evening. Worship is the engine driving all ministry at Second. The content, order, and physical actions of worship cut deep grooves in our hearts for the gospel. Individual growth, family health, and effective outreach will only be as strong as our commitment to regular corporate worship in our church. Increased and more regular attendance this past year express renewed commitment to retelling the gospel in worship. 

We are also Reimagining the church and city with God’s vision from Scripture. God’s Word identifies a Spirit-filled church as one with people devoted to and practicing His Word, committed to worship, sharing resources, living in community, doing mercy, and inviting unbelievers to church (Acts 2:42-47; 4:34-35). God’s vision includes a local church whose complexion reflects heaven’s (Revelation 7:9). For the city, God desires “old men and old women” sitting in the streets … “full of boys and girls playing” about them (Zechariah 8:4-5). Finally, God paints a picture of a church and city with no more tears, mourning, crying, or pain (Revelation 21:4). 

We are called to Repair those places where our church and city are not reflecting the Bible’s vision. Let me encourage you with some examples of how you are making this happen! Your support provides biblical teaching and skillfully crafted worship services aimed at being cross-generational and cross-ethnic. Your giving allows the Caring Ministry to provide comfort to members in need. Your resources provide relational and emotional care through the Restoration and Peacemaking Ministry and the Christian Psychological Center. Your gifts enable the Media Ministry to broadcast the gospel in various forms. By volunteerism and financial support, you show God’s mercy to victims of injustice, immigrants, broken families, jobless, prisoners, poor children, and orphans in Memphis and around the world. 

I invite you to watch the videos from our month-long celebration of stewardship here and please consider a year-end gift to help this mission at Second do even greater things for the Kingdom!