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May 03, 2018

At last month’s 20-year celebration event a video was shown that highlights some of the partners that the Foundation has supported. One of those is Third Millennium Ministries, which is also celebrating their 20-year anniversary.

Third Mill was envisioned by a Mississippi Delta matriarch, Janie Pillow, as she came to realize that Christian leaders around the world needed to be trained in their own lands. With the help of seminary professor Dr. Richard L. Pratt, Jr., and a number of like-minded individuals who shared her vision, Third Mill was launched in 1997 to create a multimedia curriculum for Christian leaders everywhere.

What began as Richard and a friend filming lessons in the spare room of his apartment has grown into a ministry involving people from all over the world who are creating and distributing state-of-the-art multimedia, multilingual seminary curriculum. Third Mill is no longer a small non-profit organization in Orlando. They are an international network of partners committed to raising up a new generation of well-equipped church leaders so that every Christian can have a well-trained pastor. 

The development of Third Mill's ministry has grown through three distinct phases. Phase One was proof of concept. They demonstrated it was possible and sustainable to produce a free, seminary-level curriculum and that it was desired by church leaders everywhere. Phase Two was production and focused on increasing the speed at which the curriculum was completed without sacrificing the quality.

They have now entered Phase Three – Proactive Global Distribution. In this phase they are concentrating on saturating the globe with their curriculum so that seminary education is within reach of every Christian around the world.


God has continued to bless them through these first 20 years. They are actively engaging over 118 partner ministries, including Mission to the Word, The Gospel Coalition, the Bible App, and Sat-7; producing the seminary curriculum in 17 languages; and freely distributing it at every level of technology imaginable. In addition, they have 691,551 supervised students confirmed, an average of 81 million broadcast viewers per week, and users in every country of the world.

To God be the glory!