CityServe 2011

Sep 30, 2011

10/1 Day of Service: Projects by Neighborhood

Neighborhood Service ProjectsSponsoring CCs

Downtown Memphis
Hosts: Downtown Presbyterian Church, Streets, and Advance Memphis

Neighborhood work projects, participate in ministry programs and neighborhood cookout

International Class
Honeymooners for Life

Alcy Ball Community
Hosts: Repairing the Breach and Divine Life Church

Neighborhood festival with evangelistic outreach

Newly Marrieds
Campus Outreach
(Local students)

Orange Mound
Host: Orange Mound Outreach Ministries

Facility repairs, neighborhood clean-up and neighborhood cookout

Acts 2:42
The Refuge

Midtown Memphis
Host: All Saints Presbyterian Church

Neighborhood beautification, neighborhood prayer walk, and neighborhood cookout

Faith Works Fellowship Class Growing in Grace Jeb Russell Class Pathways

Graham Heights/Kingsbury Community
Hosts: Su Casa Family Ministries, Esperanza Church, Streets Ministries

Kingsbury Schools clean-up and painting, neighborhood cookout

College Group
Community for Christ
Covenant Keepers
Covenant Women

Host: Youth Visions

Neighborhood clean-up with neighborhood festival and cookout

Walking by Faith
Junior High Class
Senior High Class

Alcy Ball Community
Host: Memphis Athletic Ministries

Neighborhood clean-up

Campus Outreach
(Out of town students)

Church Health Center
Location: Second Presbyterian Church

Filling prescription bottles with Bible verses

Chapel Class Curry Gillespie Class

Grab a Bag! CityServe Food Drive

We have been advised that supplies at the Neighborhood Christian Centers and The Midsouth Food Bank are at critically low levels. Join us in collecting items to meet the needs of agencies in our community. Collection bags are available in CCs and at pickup points in the hallways at 2PC. A list of the specifically requested items is stapled on the bags. The list is also available here.

Drop off food throughout the weekend at one of the following locations: the NCC truck in the Poplar (West) parking lot; the mini-pod in the B Building parking lot (facing Poplar), or at a table at the west building entrance. On Sunday, October 2, a drop-off tent will also be available in the Central parking lot.