Living A Life Of Generosity

Feb 17, 2011

This month begins a year long series on the theme of generosity in the life of our church, focusing on how generous giving and volunteering impact the lives of our members and fuel Second’s world and home outreach ministries. We will look at areas such as volunteer ministries, world and home missions, mercy ministries, and Christian stewardship.

The series will address the motivation behind giving and how God works through generous givers. Our own members’ stories will be highlighted. Generosity is not only the giving of one’s assets, but also applies to the giving of one’s time, talent, labor and love.

The inspiration behind the generosity series comes from Gordon MacDonald’s book, Generosity: Moving Toward Life that is Truly Life. Gordon, a pastor and acclaimed Christian author, was the keynote speaker at the 2010 Foundation dinner. His book, which was distributed to attendees at the dinner, focuses on the God-inspired desire to live a generous life dedicated to the Lord.

 At the dinner, he emphasized that Jesus measures generosity not by sum totals, but by the spirit and the heart of the giver. We, as Christians, are the givers of God’s gifts. Taking God’s Word seriously means that we are supposed to be generous with the gifts He has given us. As we read God’s Word we become aware of His commands on giving. You can listen to his presentation at by clicking New and Resources and then Media.

In Generosity, Gordon talks about moving toward transformation, freedom, trust, and life.  He gives specific examples of how moving toward these ideas positively impacts God’s kingdom.  Throughout the book, MacDonald reminds us that abundance flows from a generous life. God was the first and most generous giver and as Christians we should have a strong desire to give.

When we begin to give generously and enthusiastically, we will see how that impacts the balance of our lives. If you are interested in receiving a free copy of the book, please contact Margaret Cranford at or 454-0034 ext. 141.

Look for the coming articles about the joys of giving to the kingdom of God. It truly is amazing to see the work being done in our city and around the world through the generous works of God’s people at Second.